Habitual Coffee Now Serves Brown Rice Bowls For Your All-Day Breakfast Fixes

Their latest menu additions are inspired by our favorite comfort dishes, with a combination of flavors which will satisfy our palates. 

When it comes to early morning coffee fixes, one of the best places to go to in Makati, particularly in Salcedo Village, is Habitual Coffee. This cafe, located close to the park and to the workspaces, takes pride in their high-quality and handpicked coffee beans which they brew into drinks which will give us the caffeine kick we need to get us through a long day. 

Photo: Habitual Coffee

However, because Filipinos are not only coffee people, but also breakfast lovers (or breakfast food lovers), this neighborhood coffee shop decided to introduce a new set of dishes which will go perfectly well with their drinks. Their latest menu additions are inspired by our favorite comfort dishes, with a combination of flavors that will satisfy our palates. 

These rice bowls are available at their Salcedo branch for now, but they're planning to roll it out in their other branches soon! 

From their brown rice bowls to the drinks that go perfectly with it, here are dishes you must try from Habitual Coffee: 

Bacon Bowl (P280)
Steak and Eggs (P380)

A bestseller among their brown rice bowls, one can never really go wrong with their Bacon Bowl (P280). This hearty bowl has Kelvin's Home Smoked Bacon, creamy scrambled eggs, and fluffy brown rice cooked in bacon fat. It's everything you could ever want for a filling breakfast, and its serving is big enough to last you for a while! 


For the beef person, Habitual Coffee's Steak & Eggs is a must-try. This dish has Tenderloin Teppanyaki, 63C Sous Vide Egg, and market vegetables to pair it with. What to love the most about this dish is how the meat is perfectly tender and seasoned, with the vegetables complimenting and balancing its flavors. 

Something to appeal more to our Asian palate, their Katsu Green Curry has Chicken Katsu and Thai Green Curry Basil Oil served with brown rice. For the vegetarians and for those who want to eat healthily, they can also substitute their chicken katsu with tofu. 

If you like samgyupsal and bibimbap though, Habitual Coffee fuses theses two Korean favorites in one dish with their Samgyup Bap, which has Gochujang brown rice topped with Yangyeom Deungshim-gui, kimchi, and market vegetables. 

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich (P240)
Eggs on Toast (P160)

For those who consider themselves more of a sandwich person than a rice person, the coffee shop also offers filling sandwiches like their Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, which has chicken katsu doused in the mildly spicy Frank's Buffalo Sauce in a bun with pickled onions, honey, and blue cheese sauce. It's also served with a side salad, drenched in the same blue cheese sauce they use for the sandwich. There's also their Eggs on Toast – sourdough bread with 2 63C Sous Vide eggs, sesame, and Katsuobushi Flakes – and the classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich for those who just can't get have too much cheese. 

Cascara Tea (P140)
Habitual Coffee ClickTheCity
Mango Cascara Fizz (P160)

Habitual Coffee ClickTheCity
Frozen Flat White (P180)

Here at Habitual Coffee, patrons get to choose which coffee beans to use for their drink and have the baristas prepare it however they prefer. They also have the option to replace their whole milk with either soy or coconut milk for an additional fee. 

Something you should try is their Cascara Tea which is made from the husk of the coffee cherries they use. The result is a floral and fruity tea that's subtly caffeinated, perfect for those who don't want the palpitations they get from drinking too much coffee! A more refreshing alternative to Cascara Tea is their Mango Cascara Fizz which is basically iced cascara tea with sparkling water and the added sweetness of mango syrup. 

For those who like their coffee sweet and creamy, definitely get their Frozen Flat White which is thicker and more dessert-like. Don't forget to pair them with warm cookies from Hello Goodbites if you're up for some snacking while working! 

Habitual Coffee is at 136 L.P. Leviste Street, Salcedo Village in Makati. For more information, you can visit their Facebook and Instagram pages. 

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