For Those Who Like It Hot: The New Max’s Spicy Chicken

Max’s Restaurant welcomes the holiday season with two spiced up treats to make every day celebrations extra special—or should we say extra spicy? 

Max’s Restaurant welcomes the holiday season with two spiced up treats to make every day celebrations extra special—or should we say extra spicy? 

The new Max’s Spicy Chicken makes its debut as the latest addition to the award-winning Filipino restaurant’s list of must-try dishes. This sumptuous offering puts an exciting twist to the well-loved Max’s Fried Chicken, as it is tossed in a special chili pepper seasoning that will leave you craving for more. Best paired with Max’s house blend banana ketchup, enjoy bite after bite of juicy chicken with just the right balance of sweet and spicy. 

“Customers can now enjoy a spicy, SarapTo The Bones™Fried Chicken with the new Max’s Spicy Chicken. Head to your nearest Max’s Restaurant, try our new Max’s Spicy Chicken, and have a great dining experience!”said Max’s Restaurant National Business Unit Head Paolo Serrano.

Max’s Restaurant is offering the Spicy Chicken Family Platter at only PHP529. For those who wish to have a spicy feast with friends or family, there is also the Spicy Chicken Platter Bundle which includes the Max’s Spicy Chicken together with a choice of one bestselling soup, large plain rice, four glasses of iced tea, four Caramel Bar Ice Cream, and one plush toy all for PHP1,399. 

The love for spicy does not stop there with Max’s Restaurant’s Honey Glazed Chili Cripsy Pata. Premium pork knuckle made extra special by stir frying in garlic and ginger, and then lathered with local honey and served with Max’s pata sauce, there is no reason why the Honey Glazed Chili Crispy Pata should not be included in one’s next order at Max’s Restaurant together with the new Max’s Spicy Chicken.


The addition of the Max’s Spicy Chicken and Honey Gazed Chili Crispy Pata to the Max’s Restaurant menu is further proof of the social media awardee on 2018 People’s Choice’s commitment to cater to the changing demands of its customers. With more people becoming more adventurous in their food choices, the Max’s Spicy Chicken and Honey Glazed Chili Crispy Pata are welcome treats for you.

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