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7-Eleven’s New HottaUlam Viands: Rico’s Lechon Sisig, Chicken BBQ, & More!

Here are the new 'ulam' offerings at 7-Eleven!

These days, people are spending most of their time inside their homes and getting busy with work. With everyone finding themselves having to do a balancing act between work life and home life, there’s just not enough time and energy spent on certain things, specifically preparing meals. 

In some circumstances, preparing meals for the day is an inconvenience if it’s just a meal for one. With this, people are finding new and creative ways to satisfy their cravings quickly and effortlessly. 

7-Eleven, the leading convenience store chain in the Philippines, presents its latest offering to provide customers an affordable, convenient, and safe solution for their everyday home meals. These viands are guaranteed to make each meal delicious without the hassle of cooking.  

HottaUlam by 7-Eleven are single-serve, ready-to-heat viands everyone can prepare easily. Starting at P55, customers can choose from 8 HottaUlam viands that will accommodate their palate and everyday food cravings.  

The HottaUlam single-serve viands include: 

  • Chicken BBQ (skewered marinated chicken, dipped in java sauce for that smoky and sweet flavor)
  • Pork BBQ (skewered marinated pork, dipped in java sauce for that smoky-sweet taste)
  • Fried Bangus (fresh milkfish rubbed with salt and pepper)
  • Ginataang Langka (creamy-spicy vegetable dish made of jackfruit cooked in coconut milk, chili pepper, shrimp paste, and pork)
  • Pinakbet (savory dish made of steamed ampalaya, sitaw, and kalabasa cooked in shrimp paste and fish sauce)
  • Pork Laing (creamy-spicy dish made with taro leaves cooked in coconut milk, chili pepper, shrimp paste, and pork)
  • Rico’s Lechon Binagoongan (tangy-sweet-spicy dish made with Cebu-style roasted pork, cooked in shrimp paste, tomato, and chili pepper)
  • Rico’s Lechon Sisig (savory-spicy dish made with Cebu-style roasted pork spiced up with onions, calamansi juice and chili pepper)

To further treat customers and complete their everyday home meals, 7-Eleven is also launching its COMBUSOG promo. By availing the COMBUSOG promo, customers can buy 2 HottaUlam viands and get 1 free rice. Whether you’re living alone, too busy working from home, or just love a good lutong bahay paborito, HottaUlam’s got you covered!

HottaUlam single-serve viands are now available in select Luzon stores only, with the COMBUSOG promo running from November 18 to December 15, 2020. For more information, follow 7-Eleven Philippines on Facebook and Instagram, or visit

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