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Cangrejos Locos in Alabang is The New Spot For Seafood-Crazed Paella Lovers!

A fun and vibrant Spanish cuisine spot just opened at the Molito Lifestyle Center in Alabang!

For everyone who’s in love— or might even say they’re crazy in love— with Spanish cuisine, you now have a new reason to drive down South!

Cangrejos Locos, which translates to the “crazy crab,” is the newest Spanish cuisine spot at the Molito Lifestyle Center, Alabang that offers a fun and casual space where diners can relax, be themselves, and just enjoy quality Spanish food without having to overspend.

Taking inspiration from Spanish street-side eateries, the restaurant looks so alive with its popping red, orange, and yellow palette; catchy artworks on the walls; and quirky yet casual lights that hung from the ceiling. But what really grabs one's attention upon entering the place is the open kitchen where you can freely marvel at the cooking paellas!

From left to right: Manny Torrejon, Raymund Magdaluyo, and Robby Goco.

The concept was conceived by three seasoned restaurateurs who each contributed their expertise in crafting the rich menu of Cangrejos Locos. With The Red Crab Group's Raymund Magdaluyo in charge of the seafood, Manny Torrejon of the Spanish place Manolo's in charge with the tapas, and Chef Robby Goco in charge of the paellas, we can say that everything this resto has to offer have come from the most capable of minds. During their media launch last February 6, we got to try these offers first-hand.

Here's a rundown of some of the piquant Spanish dishes we got to try at Cangrejos Locos:


For cold appetizers, you can go easy with your palate with their Manchego Plate (P380) and Pan Con Tomate (P150). If you're seeking tangier tapas frias, check out the sharp-tasting Gildas (P220) and Mejillones (P190).

Manchego Plate (P380)
You can choose between curado or semi curado.
Pan Con Tomate (P150)
Traditional spanish bread drizzled with extra virgin olive oil with grated tomatoes for a spread.
Mejillones (P190)
Marinated mussels swimming in sherry vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.
Gildas (P220)
Sharp-tasting skewers of olives, guindilla pepper, and anchovies.

For hot tapas, you can try their golden fritters, Croquetas Locos (P240), which offer just the right crisp before its creamy filling oozes into your mouth. To prepare your appetites with the upcoming seafood paellas, you can grab a bite of their Gambas Al Ajillo (P530).

Croquetas Locos (P240)
Crispy bechamel fritter and cheese.
Gambas Al Ajillo (P530)
Shrimp in olive oil, garlic, paprika, and chili.

They also serve a very savoury Salpicao (P598) made from beef tenderloin with bulalo on the side, all dipped in a thick sauce with roasted garlic and chili. The Costillas De Cerdo (P650 Half Slab/P1,150 Full Slab) is another tender offering with pork ribs that burst with sapor in every bite. If you fancy a beef stew, then you should try a pot of their meat-loaded Callos (P330).

Salpicao (P598)
Cubed beef tenderloin with garlic, chili, and bone marrow.
Costillas De Cerdo (P650 Half Slab/P1,150 Full Slab)
Slow roasted pork ribs, agro dolce, and roasted potatoes.
Callos (P330)
Spanish beef tripe stew with chickpeas, bell peppers, and chorizo.

Of course, a Cangrejos Locos spread will not be complete without their crabs which are crazily delish! Served on our table are the Crab Roberto (P280/100g), with crabs that bathe in a red sumptious sauce mixed with crab fat and egg; and the Roasted Garlic Crab with Angulas (P280/100g), which is a fried crab packed with dried tomatoes and angulas or Spanish baby eels on the inside, and topped with a generous heap of roasted garlic and spices.

Crab Roberto (P280/100g)
Crabs sauteed in garlic, ginger, muschroom, shallots, scallions, crab fat, and egg.
Roasted Garlic Crab with Angulas (P280/100g)
Fried crab with angulas, mushroom, sundried tomato, and loads of roasted garlic and spices.

As for the showstoppers, their Barcelona-style paellas can be cooked in just about 12 minutes. Given this and their affordable price point, you'd almost think that you're in a fastfood restaurant, except these dishes are of real upscale quality.

Paella/Fideua Negra (P590 for 3pax/P195 additional per pax)

Make your seafood dreams come true with the Paella/Fideua Negra (P590 for 3pax/P195 additional per pax)— their squid ink paella topped with shrimps, clams, and mussels. From their expanding menu are the Lobster Paella smacked with a tempting red lobster on top and the Bone Marrow Cauliflower Paella, an answer to those seeking to sink their teeth on mouthwatering meat.

Lobster Paella
Bone Marrow Cauliflower Paella

Each pan is good for 3 people, and diners can choose between paella or fideua pasta in most variants. They can also upgrade to Bomba rice (P30/pax) and request Chistoras (P300/120g) for add-ons.

As we all know, the best way to wash down a Spanish feast is with a glass or two of good sangria which, here at Cangrejos Locos, starts at P145.

To cap off a hearty meal, be sure to try some of their delightful desserts like the Churros con Chocolate (P130), that comes with either a dark chocolate sauce or a butterscotch sauce.

Churros con Chocolate (P130)

Cangrejos Locos is located at the Molito Lifestyle Center in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. They are open from 11AM to 11PM on weekdays and until 11:30PM on Fridays and Saturdays. For more information, you can also check out their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

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