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Celebrate the #SmallWins with Yellow Cab as You Do You

As always, Yellow Cab is ready to support YOU to move forward and pursue new passions.

The past couple of years, Yellow Cab has been about supporting you being you. But what happens when a pandemic changes the world, changes you? Pursuing the passions that made you YOU were paused. You and your crew were literally prevented from pursuing your passions together. The collective YOUs whose passions our pizza used to fuel have become very fluid concepts.

Now we know that the YOU we were once talking to would by now be inevitably shaped by the COVID context. But we also know that YOU were always meant to be ever-changing and we were going to support you no matter who you wanted to be. So despite the anxiety, confusion anger, loneliness and fear that may been giving your spirit a beating, seeing you turn these into hope, creativity, courage, strength, and resilience show us that you are definitely not beaten.

As always, we at Yellow Cab are ready to support YOU to move forward and pursue the new passions that are now giving meaning to your best life; to thrive on respect for the passions that have burned the brightest in the darkness; and to empower you to have fun and rediscover yourself despite the spirit of times.

With these two new materials, we hope to move you to do just that – Celebrate your #SmallWins as you continue to #YouDoYou.

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