Poison's Kakanin Inspired Doughnut Flavors

LOOK: Poison Doughnuts’ Three Kakanin-Inspired Flavors

Doughnuts meet kakanin in three Filipino flavors by Poison doughnuts: Mangga't Suman, Maja Blanca, and Macapuno!

Poison Coffee & Doughnuts is not known to shy away from all things creative and new. Their artisan donuts have become a favorite of many because they come up with many limited edition and mainstay flavors that always pique curiosity.

Maja Blanca, Macapuno, and Mangga’t Suman: three delicious Filipino sweets now transformed into doughnuts!

This time around, the three flavors inspired by our own Filipino kakanin are featured on their menu: were first rolled out by Poison last August to celebrate Buwan ng Wika, and are now a mainstay on the store’s doughnut menu.

Mangga’t Suman

Mangga’t Suman Doughnut

Poison’s take on the classic pairing of fresh mangoes and sticky rice comes in the form of a stuffed donut. The Mangga’t Suman Doughnut (P105) is light and fluffly, with a smear of latik that’s dotted with rice crispies. A big bite into the donut reveals a creamy mango coconut mousse, which is also reminiscent of flavors from a mango cream pie.

Maja Blanca

Maja Blanca Doughnut

The rich and creamy pudding gets a twist in the Maja Blanca Doughnut (P105). The donut is topped with icing and topped with smoky latik crumble. Inside is a generous filling of coconut pudding with corn, and sweetened jackfruit. It’s a take on maja blanca with langka!


Macapuno Doughnut

Minatamis na macapuno (sweetened macapuno) is a very versatile flavor, enhancing other sweets like leche flan, halo halo, dessert pies, and ice cream. Poison’s Macapuno Doughnut (P105) has a creamy, subtly sweet macapuno custard filling, and has a topping of buttery crumble.


This is not the first time they’re introducing Filipino flavors on the menu, though. Their Champorado sourdough-brioche doughnut has been around for quite awhile, and features 65% dark chocolate, rice crispies, and a topping of tuyo flakes. They have also in the past created limited edition puto bumbong and bibingka donuts. We’re crossing our fingers they’ll be reintroduced during the holidays!

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Curious to try these kakanin-inspired doughnuts? All flavors are available for delivery via GrabFood and foodpanda, and you can order online via bit.ly/PoisonOrderForm. Call Poison to order at 0915-1342360, 0955-8677611, or (02)7752-0327. Follow Poison on Instagram and Facebook.

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