Nespresso Boutique Concept

Nespresso Opens New Boutique Concept at The Podium

Beyond coffee and moments of indulgence, Nespresso embraces sustainability in every step of the way. An inspiration for conscious living, the new Nespresso Boutique concept at The Podium provides customers a unique experience that marries the brand’s dedication to championing constant innovation and environmental conservation.

An immersive coffee experience at The Podium

Nespresso brings sustainability to the forefront through the finishes of its new boutique store at The Podium occupying a 58sqm space. Featuring the work of Universal Design Studio, an award-winning architecture and interior design firm founded by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, the store highlights tabletops made from used coffee grounds and 100% sourced wood from reforestation programs. In partnership with Negrense Volunteers for Change (NVC), the store also showcases some wall tiles that demonstrate how Nespresso pods can be upcycled and transformed into beautiful, high-value art pieces.

Deliberate and meaningful, the new boutique is designed to celebrate coffee and its origins. The muted color palette of rich brown and crema-inspired gold blends to a luxurious atmosphere that calm and satisfy the senses. The floor tiles and lamps echo those that are found in coffee farms, while the greenery is displayed to mimic coffee plantations.

Fabio De Gregorio, Regional Business Development Manager says, “The Nespresso story started with a simple but revolutionary idea: enable everyone to create the perfect cup of coffee just like a skilled barista. From this beginning more than 30 years ago, Nespresso has revolutionized the way millions of people enjoy their coffee every day. It is in a Nespresso boutique, such as this one at The Podium, which you can experience what Nespresso is all about. The immersive experience provides deeper learning and coffee exploration to store visitors. Its specific elements and furniture stand to communicate the brand’s deep commitment to sustainability and adherence to circular economy.”

The last drop isn’t the last use

At the heart of Nespresso lies its dedication to create innovative solutions that ultimately protect and benefit society. Club Members can positively impact the lives of many people by participating in Nespresso’s recycling program, which entails dropping off used Nespresso coffee capsules at the nearest boutique or partner locations. All Nespresso capsules are made with aluminum, which is infinitely recyclable. Once separated from the aluminum casings, the used coffee grounds are sent to local farms to be used as compost fertilizers, while the aluminum are sent to a local smelter for recycling into everyday objects.

All in all, Nespresso’s efforts—including its products, coffee processes, and store design—are meant to inspire Filipinos to act on the change the world needs to empower and uplift society. “Every innovation and sustainability solution is a means to a greater end: to benefit the earth, improve lives in the community we belong to, and encourage others to do the same,” says Patrick Pesengco, Managing Director of Novateur Coffee Concepts.

Nespresso Boutique at The Podium is located at Level 2.  For opening hours, visit

In Philippines, Nespresso is exclusively distributed by Novateur Coffee Concepts.

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