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Instagram Finds: Relaxing and Therapeutic Essential Oil Blends from Pomona Blends

This brand is the perfect one to check out for stress and anxiety-relief!


Pomona Blends is a brand by Sab Go, who used to work a regular 9 to 5 job. According to her, she delved into the world of aromatherapy when she started having anxiety and sleep problems whenever work stresses her out. Since her mom has a collection of essential oils, she started experimenting with those to help with her personal problems. Her project eventually becomes her business when she decides that she also wants to bring comfort to the people who have the same issues as her.

A self-confessed Potterhead, she named her brand Pomona Blends after the Hogwarts Herbology professor. “Professor Sprout worked in tandem with the school nurse, Madam Pomfrey, to create remedies to help heal the students/patients, which is similar to my goal!” Sab explained.


Pomona Blends is currently a two-man team consisting of Sab and her partner. Since she concocts the blends they offer herself, she does a lot of research before finalizing a specific blend. This is so she can make sure that what she offers is not only high-quality but also safe and effective.

As of now, Pomona Blends offers two kinds of products: Roll-On Blends and Linen Sprays. Both come in different variants targeting specific issues like anxiety and sleeplessness. Their current bestseller is the Lullaby Roll-On Blend – perfect for those who need something that would help them sleep! It features the scent of lavender, chamomile, vanilla, and rosemary, which all work together to improve sleep and relieve stress!

Other blends available are Clarity (to improve concentration), Tranquil (to boost the mood), and Bonfire (for meditation). Aside from this, she also offers 2 variations of Linen SpraysLullaby and Soleil — for improving sleep and boosting the mood, respectively.

Check out Pomona Blends’ products below:

LULLABY Roll-On Blend
CLARITY Roll-On Blend
LULLABY Linen Spray
SOLEIL Linen Spray

Price Range:

  • Roll-On Blends (10mL): P250
  • Linen Spray (60mL): P180

How to Order:

To order, you may visit Pomona Blends’ Facebook and Instagram page and fill up the order form. Customers can pay via GCash, BDO, and BPI. Shipping is also available nationwide via Ninjavan, and GrabExpress for those who prefer same-day shipping. Pomona Blends is also on Shopee.

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All photos are courtesy of Pomona Blends.

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