Nespresso Launches Their Limited Edition Umutima wa Lake Kivu Rwanda Blend

Nespresso continually creates the most exceptional and uplifting coffee experiences possible for all customers with limited edition coffee blends that feature distinct harvest processes and unique aromatic profile.

Taste the vibrant flavors of Umutima wa Lake Kivu Rwanda coffee, a highly aromatic cup of 100% Arabica coffee characterized by juicy fruit notes and a delicate aftertaste that lingers on your palate. First introduced last 2016, this limited edition blend is back exclusively for you. Savor the same mouthwatering quality wholly unique to its origin. Translated as “Heart of Lake Kivu,” it embodies the progressive outlook and optimistic attitude of the Rwandan spirit – a local community known for their modernized coffee growing practices. 


Having benefitted significantly from the country’s coffee industry renaissance, the coffee growing communities on the shores of Lake Kivu—one of Africa’s great lakes—adopted modern post-harvest practices to achieve only fully matured, homogenous, finest aromatic beans.

The Rwanda community grows coffee within small gardens on heavily cultivated terrain under an ideal amount of sun. Ripe cherries are harvested and picked by hand—farmers carefully inspect the garden every 8-10 days to select fruits that are at the peak of maturity. After which, the harvest is processed in central-washing stations where a rigorous hand-sorting system is in place to ensure that only the best beans are selected.

To achieve the highly aromatic and refreshing union of fluid texture with bright, juicy fruit notes—a quality that Umutima wa Lake Kivu Rwanda coffee is known for—the processed beans are then taken for split roasting. One half of the green coffee beans undergo a lighter roast to highlight its juicy fruity notes, while the other half undergo a darker roast to develop delightful strength and texture.


Revive your senses with a delicious cup of Umutima wa Lake Kivu Rwanda coffee. Savor 100% Arabica beans infused with juicy fruit notes, which leave a delicate aftertaste that lingers on your palate. Featuring an intensity level of 6, this limited edition coffee is appealing to Cosi and Volluto drinkers.

Enjoy Umutima wa Lake Kivu Rwanda as an Espresso (40 ml) or as a Lungo (110 ml). You can also prepare it as a Latte Macchiato (espresso based: 120 ml milk and foam plus 40 ml coffee) for days when you feel like adding a little bit of milk in your cup. It will pamper your palate by revealing delicious herbal notes and a reminiscence of flavorful sunflower seeds.

Umutima wa Lake Kivu Rwanda Limited Edition coffee is a tribute to the small but highly knowledgeable and dedicated coffee growing community in Africa. Discover the “Heart of Lake Kivu” today at Nespresso Boutique R1 Level, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center; Nespresso Boutique Level 2, The Podium Mall, Nespresso Pop-Up Stores in Greenbelt 5, Alabang Town Center, ONE BHS, Shangri-La, Robinson’s Magnolia and through


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