You Can Now Order Your Fluffy Favorites From Kumori Online

Craving for Kumori's Japanese bread and pastries? Here's an answer!

With clamor from regular customers and also as a means of providing employment for their team, Kumori launches it’s official e-commerce site!

Now, you can order your favorite Japanese bread and pastries directly via this website, with deliveries set to start on Wednesday, April 29. Included in their delightful lineup are the Hanjuku Original, Hanjuku Chocolate, and the Premium Cheese Loaf.

Image courtesy of Kumori

They request for a 3 day lead time for order fulfillment, post settlement of charges. With a skeletal workforce and limited supply of ingredients, only select items are available, but they aim to expand the assortment on an ongoing basis. Here are the steps to order:

Image courtesy of Kumori
Image courtesy of Kumori
Image courtesy of Kumori

For more information, check out their official social media pages on Facebook and Instagram or their website at



Homestream image from Kumori on Instagram.

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