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GUIDE: 5 New Dine-In Rules, According to DTI Restaurant Guidelines

Dine-in restaurants in GCQ areas will be allowed to operate at 30% capacity starting June 15.

Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez has just announced that dine-in restaurants in areas under GCQ will be allowed to operate at 30% capacity starting June 15.

The beginning of June marked the shifting of Metro Manila into GCQ. It is also around this time that dine-in restaurants in areas under MGCQ were finally allowed to resume their services, as long as they operate with only 50% capacity and are compliant of the health protocols that the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) released on their website. The same protocols must also be followed in GCQ areas starting June 15.

If you’re wondering how this pandemic will affect our eating out habits, here’s a runthrough on the guidelines that the DTI has set for the dine-in restos!

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1. Health Checklist at the Restaurant Entrance

– No mask, no entry.
– Customers who have visible symptoms– a temperature of more than 37.5 degrees Centigrade, or a cough, colds or shortness of breath– shall not be allowed inside and will be advised to proceed to the nearest hospital.
– Customers must fill out a health checklist before being granted entrance
– A maximum number of allowable persons will also be observed.


2. Contactless Order Taking

– Follow floor markings and keep physical distancing.
– For over the counter orders, customers will be assigned a number and once called, they must quickly place their order and payment on the counter; sanitize their hands; and wait for their order on their designated table.
– Customers can also be escorted to their assigned tables where a menu will be waiting. Once the number on their table is called, they may proceed to order.

3. Dining Area

– A one-meter distance between tables and chairs will be implemented.
– Face-to-face seating is only allowed if there are proper dividers on the table.

4. No Self-Service Areas

– Buffet and self-service areas for food bars, condiments and utensils are not allowed.

5. Payment methods

– For over the counter orders, see the second bullet of number 2.
– If payment is done after dining, small trays from accepting cash will be provided to avoid physical contact.
– Cashless payment is also encouraged.

Of course, these rules are also backed by proper sanitation guidelines that the restaurant must follow to ensure that the customers and personnel’s safety comes first. To learn more, visit the DTI website.

Homestream image from Shawn Ang / Unsplash.

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