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How Well Do You Know Your Sandwiches?

Consider yourself a sandwich expert? We name 6 classic sandwiches you need in your life right now. See if you really know them by heart!

Do you fancy yourself as a sandwich expert? Then this list is for you! We name 6 classic sandwiches, so let's see if you really know each one of them by heart. Consider this your handy guide of sandwich nicknames all foodies should know about, so you know what to order whenever hunger strikes.


1. BLT

Sandwich lovers, you should all know this by heart. BLT is one of those ultra classic favorites that combines three simple ingredients — Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato — the initials of which make up its name BLT. A lot of versions of BLT have sprung since its inception (that dates way back into the 1900s by the way!), from the type of bread used, toasted or not, to adding dressings and extra fixins like mayonnaise and cheese. This one is a perfect example of keeping things simple but beautiful, and how a sandwich can be perfect by simply using the best ingredients and having a good bread to filling ratio.


2. Cubano

While the origins of this sandwich popularized by the movie 'Chef' is not quite clear and often debated upon, it's widely known to be the common midday chow of cigar factory workers in Cuban and Florida cities, when travel was easy between destinations from the late 1800s to early 1900s. Crisp and toasty Cuban bread sandwiches layers of ham and roast pork combined with Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard –this legendary sandwich is an extra glorious rendition of a basic ham and cheese sandwich. This Cuban sandwich isn't necessarily Cuban; thanks to Cuban immigrant workers who found themselves settling in Key West and Miami, Florida, the sandwich is also considered an American icon.


3. PB&J

This all American sandwich is a common childhood snack and lunchbox staple, shares its history with its key ingredient, peanut butter. Before, the spread used to be only combined with savory items and in itself was considered a luxury treat (yep, can you believe this everyday treat used to be a high-class food?). When they scaled it down in the 1900s and added sugar into the mix, it was an instant hit among kids and the sandwich form naturally was paired with a sweet component, the jelly (a.k.a. fruit jam). Nowadays, more sweet ingredients are thrown into the peanut butter sandwich party, such as Nutella, marshmallow fluff, bananas, and even bacon, because bacon makes everything better.



4. Banh Mi

This Asian sandwich proves that a fusion of cultures can bring about mouthwatering results. The Vietnamese snack dates back into the mid 1900s, when the country was still a French colonial territory. The baguette found its way into Saigon, and a new kind of street food emerged: a filling sandwich with a common ingredients that include cold cuts, pork roll slices, pate, and a smattering of fresh herbs and pickles that create an explosion of salty, sweet, sour, and spicy with every bite. Nowadays, there's an endless possibility of accompaniments, with more options for vegetarian and vegan foodies.


5. Reuben

It was in 1989 when this might, meaty grilled sandwich was put into the spotlight: Katz's Deli was the setting in a scene of 'When Harry Met Sally,' where the pair sat down for a sandwich and had the legendary discussion of 'faking it.' The Reuben, though, is all real: rye bread sandwiches slices of corned beef combined with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing. As for its name, two 'Reubens' claim its origins, both with Jewish roots, one originating from Nebraska and the other, New York. Sandwich lovers, especially carnivorous ones, consider this one of the more memorable ones — and we long for a Reuben moment as unforgettable as that movie scene.


6. BMM


A post shared by Wendy's Philippines (@wendysph) on

It's no denying that everybody loves a good burger, but we'll crave it even more if it's made even better. Enter the BMM: the classic, crowd favorite that is the Bacon Mushroom Melt. Less name, more satisfaction. First made popular in the early 1990s by Wendy's, it amassed a cult following, its fan-favorite status strong through the decades.

You all know what the BMM is all about: it's that familiar comforting, heart-tugging goodness of a 100% pure beef burger patty, smothered with mushrooms in a creamy, melted cheddar cheese sauce, loaded and made better with crispy strips of smoked bacon. A big bite into the BMM leads to a gush of ooey gooey cheese exploding along with the meat goodness of beef and bacon. It's easy to fall in love with the BMM over and over again, and it's a convenient for sandwich lovers to know that their fix is just one quick trip away to Wendy's.

Now that you're fully updated with this list of sandwich nicknames, it's about time we get our fill of mouthwatering BMM goodness today at Wendy's — we deserve this!


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