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Shiroi Daichi’s Authentic Sapporo Ramen is Now Warming Up in BGC

It's ramen weather again, and to add up to all the ramen places already around in the metro, there's a new restaurant in BGC that will satisfy your craving for some good warm bowl of ramen, no matter what kind of diet you're in! 

It's ramen weather once again, and adding up to all the ramen places already around in the metro, there's a new restaurant in BGC offering an authentic Sapporo dining experience without having to fly all the way to Japan! 

A phrase which means "White Earth" or "White Ground", Shiroi Daichi offers ramen, made with ingredients like noodles, pastes, and oils that are all sourced from Sapporo, Japan, ensuring that every ramen bowl they have is authentic and of high-quality. What also makes this restaurant unique, is how it gives its diners a choice on whether they would like a meat-based broth or a vegetable-based one, perfect for the vegetarians who still want fixes for their ramen cravings.


From their must-try ramen bowls to the side dishes to pair, here are some of the dishes to have from Shiroi Daichi: 

Butter Miso Ramen (P500)

Of course, one dish you simply cannot miss if you love ramen is Shiroi Daichi's Butter Miso Ramen which is known to be one of their bestsellers, next to the traditional Miso Ramen. This particular bowl is made with miso broth, made even richer by addition of butter. Just like any Sapporo ramen, this bowl also has char siu, ground pork, tamago, corn kernels, onion leeks, and menma (fermented bamboo shoots).

If you feel like going more traditional, there's still the usual Shio, Shoyu, and Miso broth, all of which has a meat-based broth made by simmering pork and chicken bones for 16 hours to achieve its rich flavor. 

Vegetable Shoyu Ramen (P400)

Perfect for the vegetarians or for the ones who are simply just watching what they're eating, definitely order their Vegetable Ramen, which are made from a vegetable broth, mixed with select ingredients to produce its rich, yet hearty flavor. The Vegetable Shoyu Ramen has corn kernels, carrots, menma, onion leeks, and asparagus in a soy-sauce based broth. 

Maze Men (P480)

Aside from their ramen, Shiroi Daichi also has dry ramen and dipping ramen. They highly recommend their Maze Men, which comes with either a Shio or a Shoyu sauce. A serving of this has stir-fried noodles, served with char siu, tamago, wakame (seaweed), sesame seeds, and topped with onion leeks, sesame seeds, and your sauce of choice. 

Shiroi Daichi also offers Katsu and seafood dishes, which come with a bowl of rice, perfect if you're a rice lover who wants something heavier to get you through the day. 

Chicken Karaage (P220)
Kushiyaku and Gyoza 

A ramen meal isn't really complete without some good side dishes, and at Shiroi Daichi, you can have a variety of dishes that's perfect to pair with your bowl. Their Chicken Karaage, for one, is made with fried chicken thighs coated in Japanese karaage powder to achieve the crispiness on the outside, and the juiciness on the inside. 

Their Gyoza (P220), Japanese pan-seared dumplings, is another classic you need to try, along with their different kinds of Kushiyaku or grilled skewers seasoned in sea salt which you can order per piece or per a platter of 2 or 4. You can choose from their Wagyu Beef Cubes (P140 per piece |P500 for a plate of 4), Pork Belly (P70 per piece | P265 for a plate of 4), and Chicken (P60 per piece | P110 for a plate of 2) Kushiyaku.

Shiroi Daichi is located at Twenty-Five Seven McKinley Bldg., 25th Street corner 7th Avenue, McKinley Parkway, Taguig. For more information, you can check out their official Facebook and Instagram pages. 

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