10 Breakfast Places for Your Post-Workout Chow

Make morning workouts more fun and reward yourself with these 10 awesome breakfast places!

2019's coming to a close. It's time to look back on the resolutions you've made and see how far you've come! 

One of the most common New Year's resolutions is getting fit. Is it one of yours too? How did you do? If you're like me, who has difficulty getting up early to work out, here's a list that could get you out of bed and into the gym easier. Grab your post-workout chow from these ten awesome places! 

1. Rustic Mornings by Isabelo 

Image: Rustic Mornings

End your jog from Marikina Sports Center with a hearty breakfast at Rustic Mornings by Isabelo. Located just a few steps from the Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish Church, this charming restaurant offers a wide array of breakfast food. You can dine surrounded by their garden plants, with morning sunlight filtering through the canopy- like a well-hidden paradise. While you wait for your food, you can enjoy the little trinkets and personal touches of the family around the area.

Some of the crowd favorites include their French Toast Tower with Grilled Peaches (P320) and their Grilled Salmon Fillet rice bowl (P400). Their french toast is truly superb, with just the right amount of creaminess and sweetness to give you the boost you need after working out. Finally, their menu is so extensive that you could visit every day and order something new each time! It sounds like a fun challenge to do! 

2. Breakfast Brothers

Image: Breakfast Brothers

Located along the famous Lilac street of Marikina, Breakfast Brothers offers affordable all-day breakfast dishes to its patrons. Priding their food for its lack of preservatives and MSG, this is a perfect place for the budding health buff in you! They offer all-Pinoy breakfasts like their different longganisa – Vigan (P145), Lucban (P145) and Baguio (P145), to name a few – as well as their famous Crispy Adobo Flakes (P175).

Feeling a little stateside? They also have American/Continental meals to satisfy that craving! Lastly, make sure to try their Arroz Caldo (P100) to warm up your stomach after a chilly morning workout!

3. Panaderya Toyo

Image: Panaderya Toyo

The bakery sibling to the famous Toyo Eatery, Panaderya Toyo is the brainchild of Chef Jordy Navarra whose motto seems to be in pursuit of challenging the status quo.

In Filipino breakfasts, it’s impossible not to mention our homegrown, traditional pan de sal, the timeless companion to coffee in the morning. Many people would argue that there’s no need to mess with the classic, however, there’s always room for a different take. With their bright and delicious-smelling interior, head baker, Richie Manapat, creates bread with precise techniques and high-quality ingredients resulting in different kinds of bread with European influence and with no preservatives.

4. SGD Coffee

Photo from SGD Coffee

For most of us, the day starts with a perfect cup of coffee and SGD Coffee in Quezon City delivers each and every time. SGD Coffee works with coffee farmers in Sagada to bring Philippine coffee into the market as envisioned by its owner, Mr. Rich Watanabe back in 2009.

Passion turned into a business that helps farmers, students and other local businesses expand their skills and craft. This cafe is very particular with their pastries to complement the available coffee grounds on their menu. For pastries, they have lemon bars (P65), oatmeal cookies (P60) and Russian tea cookies (P65), to name a few. You can ask their barista which ones complement which coffee the most! For meals, they have Danggit (P200) from Palawan and chicken tocino (P180) as part of their All-Day Breakfast menu.

Take a trip to SGD after jogging in the UP Academic Oval, which is just a tricycle ride away. 

5. Pan De Amerikana

Image: Pan De Amerikana

You can't talk about Marikina breakfast places without mentioning Pan De Amerikana. A staple in the city, they're as famous for their pan de sal and ensaymada as they are for their eccentric and fun interior. 

Did you know that its Marikina branch is the first chess-themed restaurant in the country? And, their Katipunan branch is the first upside-down restaurant not only in the Philippines but also in South East Asia! Both their branches also feature a wall full of photos of veteran actors of the early '30s until recent times. If you're exercising with your grandparents, this would be a good place to bring them to and hear their stories about their youth. The atmosphere is as good as the food they serve. 

6. Pi Breakfast & Pies 

Image: Pi Breakfast & Pies 

Not sure if you want something sweet or savory? Get your pie and savory fix at Pi Breakfast & Pies! Created and owned by Chef Ed Buguia, the same chef behind Pino restaurant, Pi Breakfast & Pies aspire to bring the best of breakfast food along with a pastry that's not normally served in the Philippines. 

Maginhawa dwellers know this restaurant to be tried and true. With establishments popping in and out along the famous street, it's a testament to its quality that Pi Breakfast & Pies still remain. Their brightly lit interior and rustic furniture create the perfect atmosphere to try their famous Caramelized Spam and Eggs Benedict (P245). The thick cuts of the spam glazed with sugar and rice topped with kimchi is a sure-fire way to jolt you awake enough to savor the dish. 

Now, if you're out working out with your friends you can fill your bellies with their Big Breakfast Platter (P595) and top it off with their light Banana Cream Pie (P95/slice)!

7. 205

Image: 205

After longing to spend time with friends away from the loud, crowded bars in Metro Manila, 205 is created by Ms. Denis Cabotage, one of the partners.

Providing a quiet place to sit, this new cafe is not your typical breakfast cafe. Located in BGC, the place is polished and clean, much like a hotel professional setting. 205 opens at 8 am – sweet spot for fitness buffs!- and provides all-day coffee, breakfast and even cocktails up until 2 am. Their specialty coffee costs between P150 – P180.

To fill up your stomach, they serve delicious Beef Tapa (P350) and Fluffy Pancakes (P180). After a long day, you can come back and stay for their famous signature cocktails. Win-win! 

8. Caffeined by Artesania 

Originally known as Caffeined by Mosaic Living in Mandaluyong, the cafe closed down, relocated and rebranded into Caffeined by Artesania in Makati. Artesania means craftmanship, according to shareowner Francine Garcama, and it is apt, considering where the cafe is located. 

Caffeined by Artesania is located inside a furniture shop, allowing customers to enjoy the craft and workmanship of different furniture while getting their breakfast fix. All the furniture and pieces in the showroom are locally made and up for sale. What's not to love about being surrounded by great art pieces while eating great food?

The cafe offers a wide array of food, all of which are IG-worthy and worth its price! Make sure to order their Cherry Tomato Bruschetta (P250) if you're craving for a tickle on your tongue, or Roasted Beetroot Salad (P290) and get that 2020 healthy eating resolution started. 

9. Breakfast Bin

Image: The Breakfast Bin 

The Breakfast Bin lives up to its name. They specialize in breakfast food and they keep their space quaint. The restaurant can only accommodate around 7 to 10 people at a time, keeping the atmosphere intimate and peaceful. 

Located along Maginhawa street, it is again a testament of its quality that it remains in business. With its affordable prices – nothing goes higher than P200! and perfect sized serving, it's a hit for students and faculty members alike. 

A few must-tries from their menu are their BB Bowls, you can choose from BB Longganisa (P135), Beef Tapa (P140) and Liempo Chips (P160), to name a few, and their Skillet Works. 

10. Ally's All-Day Breakfast

Image: Ally's All-Day Breakfast

Craving for something big?

Ally's All-Day Breakfast Place has got you covered. It has three branches, one in Cubao, one in Maginhawa and one in Fairview. They're famous for their big portions that are easy on the pocket. From pancakes and waffles to their all-day breakfast, you're sure to schedule your cheat day wisely! They even offer customizable pancakes and waffles. The sky's the limit! Get back the calories you burned (just this time!) with their Death by Chocolate pancakes (P220/P270) and What Diet? (P450) all-day breakfast platter. 


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