Make Valentine’s Day Extraordinary with Bizu Patisserie’s New Collection

Bizu Patisserie joins in the Valentine’s Day celebrations with a series of well-crafted French-inspired confections por l'amour de la vie (for the love of life)!

Bizu Patisserie joins in the Valentine’s Day celebrations with a series of well-crafted French-inspired confections por l'amour de la vie (for the love of life)! It is an invitation to live life fully, celebrate joy and love, pause and appreciate the flowers, and let’s not forget—enjoy the most scrumptious and decadent of baked delicacies.

On February 14, give yourself permission to view life through rose-colored glasses, turn everyday words into love songs, and let love bloom in your vulnerable but valiant heart. And since the surest way to return your soulmate’s affections is to satisfy their palate, then follow your own heart (and discerning taste) by gifting them with the best of Bizu—the kiss that will trump all other kisses.

Choose your heart’s desire

At Bizu, we mark this special day for lovers and lovers of life by presenting our signature Valentine’s Day cake: The Romance Cake. Exclusive to this time of the year, the Romance Cake is a tempting creation of layers of dark chocolate ganache, crème brûlée, and caramel, generously topped by farm-fresh local strawberries. You’ll be forgiven for giving in to the temptation of this super-moist and tart cake. 

Also consider our special Valentine’s edition Macaron de Paris, dubbed “Valentin,” a bite-sized ruby-red delight of award-winning Malagos Chocolate Ganache with strawberry filling, dipped in chocolate playfully dusted with praline. Be sure to indulge your passion for our famous macarons by sampling (and gifting) the gourmet equivalent of a chocolate-covered kiss.  

For those who love a classic confection, try our Fresh Strawberry Chiboust: a heart-shaped French-style cheesecake topped with seasonal strawberries and raspberry coulis. Authentic, no frills yet date-night pretty, and oh so deliciously cheesy!

For the pièce de résistance, this 2020 also marks the debut of La Vie en Rose (Life in Pink), our special-edition Valentine drip cake made of fluffy layers of moist sponge cake, flavored with strawberry sauce and rose essence, and dripping Chantilly cream. This heart-shaped creation is decorated with lavish toppings of fresh strawberries, meringue, and petit Macaron de Paris. It should probably come with a warning: swoon worthy.  

Pair sweets with the sweetest blooms

Flowers and chocolates have always been a winning combination. For that extra special touch, Bizu has partnered with flower shop Designer Blooms for both our online and physical stores. Make your Valentine’s Day complete by bringing beautifully styled blooms—matched with a perfectly turned-out cake—to your candlelit dinner.

In a world where roses and wildflowers bloom, it’s perfectly natural to desire a bouquet. Bizu customers are lucky because a purchase of any of our Valentine products at any of our branches comes with a voucher for a 10% discount from Designer Blooms. You may shop for the perfect posy, nosegay, or yes, gigantic bouquet to match the Bizu cake you just bought, with our compliments!

If you already know what you want—roses and more roses!—then you may choose to order any of our Valentine’s Day edition products at our online store at to receive a free Designer Blooms rose bouquet. This promo is valid from February 9-16, and only the first 50 orders will be given a freebie, so hurry!

The beauty of Valentine’s Day is that the world conspires so lovers can pull out all the stops and make the grandest of gestures. What better way to create a memorable, life-affirming moment, than with the power duo of Bizu and Designer Blooms? 

Visit our branches at Greenbelt 2 Parkside (7757-2498), Greenhills Promenade (8724-2498), Alabang Town Center (8772-1917), St. Luke’s BGC (8710-4619), Eastwood Mall (8781-2524), and Robinsons Magnolia (8664-5904).

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