Restaurants in Manila Chefs and Foodies Will Visit After Pandemic

Manila Restaurants Chefs and Foodies Want to Visit After The Pandemic

Sure, restaurants will never be the same especially after pivoting to take-outs and deliveries. But we remain hopeful that everything will be back to the way it is after this pandemic. So we asked Manila Chefs and Foodies which restaurants they would visit and what to order when this is all over. Here are their answers.

Paradise Dynasty

Paradise Dynasty
Image: Paradise Dynasty

When this whole COVID-19 situation finally winds down, the first place I want to go to would be Paradise Dynasty. I am definitely craving for their spicy beef and tripe dish plus their pork dumpling soup! I get to cook for myself but these 2 dishes I can’t replicate at home so I miss it.

Chef Sharwin Tee

Izakaya Kikufuji

Izakaya Kikufuji Discover MNL
Image: Discover MNL

Japanese food has always been my comfort food and there’s just something special about Kikufuji that makes me insanely happy, so definitely going for that spicy tuna sashimi once this pandemic is over.

Lucky So Alabado


Ogetsu Hime

Ogetsu Hime
Image: Ogetsu Hime

I want to gorge on unlimited Angus steak and Salmon sashimi and eat sushi and steak until they roll me out because good steak and sushi is something I cant make at home.

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Ian Carandang


Savage Beef Shortrib
Image: Savage

I like eating simple, well-executed food on my days off. I especially enjoy food that can be shared with my family in a casual environment so when this pandemic ends the restaurant I would probably go to first is Savage and I would order their Grilled Tuna Jaw and beef Shortrib.

– Chef Carlo Miguel

There’s a lot of good restaurants that I miss, but my personal favorite would be Savage. You literally can’t go wrong with any of the appetizers and salads. My personal favorites being the deviled eggs, the freshly baked bread and house butter, the pear and capicola salad, and the fresh carabao cheese with the ash or something like that (forgot the name). As for the mains, my default order would be the cooked grilled octopus and/or the steak with the chimichurri sauce. As for the sides – always go for the corn with the harissa sauce.

Cy Ynares

Mendokoro Ramenba

Mendokoro Ramenba

I’m ordering a bowl of Tantanment with Aji Tamago, 5-piece Gyoza, and a cold beer. This bowl of ramen never fails to comfort me when I’m happy or when I’m sad. It’s always consistent which is why I love going back there no matter how long the wait may seem.

Alyssa Arellano

Raging Bull Burger

Image: Raging Bull Burger

My mother and I have been craving for burgers FOR DAYS NOW and I think that’s the only dish I’m not confident to make at home. Their burgers are extremely juicy! It also has maple bacon, cheddar cheese, and this really good mustard-ish sauce. They’re so generous with their servings, too. It’s impossible to eat their burgers and having clean hands afterward. We often get the Mighty Beast, thick-cut fries, and a strawberry milkshake.

AJ Francisco

Wildflour Cafe + Bakery

Image: Wildflour Cafe + Bakery

The restaurant I’m excited to visit is Wildflour! I can’t wait to have a super chill, delicious brunch – their Chorizo Fundido and Shakshouka are my brunch faves. Plus it’s also one of my go-to hangout spots with my friends on Saturday nights!

Raissa Barreiro

Crosta Pizzeria

Crosta Pizzeria
Image: Crosta Pizzeria

I have a few restaurants in mind but Crosta would probably be on top of the list. What’s best about this pizzeria and what I miss most is the sourdough crust which is best eaten straight out of the oven. I’m definitely ordering the Stuffed AF which is a spinach and artichoke-stuffed 5-cheese pizza or The Basic Bitch topped with mozzarella and basil, and ordering an extra burrata topping to it!

Nadine Macandog


Image: Saboten

Post ECQ, I’m heading straight to Saboten! Saboten’s always been one of the restaurants that puts me in a good mood as soon as I step inside. I love the staff and of course the food! My go-to dish is their Saboten Special Set which has a tenderloin and loin cutlet, crab cream croquette and ebi fry. They are consistent with cooking so I know I’ll always have a great meal when I’m there.

Nicole Te

Berde Bowls

Image: Berde Bowls

My healthy eating life mantra was put on hold because of the lockdown (hello, canned goods, my old friend) so I can’t wait to get back on track and enjoy something from Berde Bowls. My favorites are The Bangka and Baka Bowl.

Karen Pangan


Jollibee chicken bucket
Image: Jollibee

I want to go to Jollibee!!! And eat Chicken Joy and Palabok because those are my comfort food. Contrary to popular belief, chefs actually eat for comfort and convenience and that’s what I really miss!

Chef Miko Aspiras

Elars Lechon

Image: Elars Lechon

OG Elars Lechon in Quezon Avenue for the crispy skin in the batok of the roasted pig. Priceless!

MJ Marfori

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

Wolfgang's Steakhouse
Image: Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

After having a massage and visiting the salon, I would definitely drop by Wolfgang’s Steakhouse. Getting that perfect steak depends on three important things — ambiance, beef quality, and service. This is something that you definitely cannot recreate at home. It is kind of expensive, but hey! We just got out of confinement. I’ll be ordering the Rib Eye, Key Lime Pie, Creamed Spinach and Steak Rice.

Nathaniel Uy

Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza

Gino's Brick Oven Pizza
Image: Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza

While there are a lot of places I’m dying to visit again, I’d have to go to Gino’s first. There’s really no substitute for their freshly baked pizza and pasta straight out of the kitchen. I can’t wait to be reunited with their Aglio Olio and literally any of their pizzas drowning in their amazing spicy honey.

Andrea Lam

One with nature

Image: Alamat Filipino Pub & Deli

After this all blows over, I would love to spend my post pandemic meal in the beach and be with nature for a couple of days. I’m a nature-lover and I have been missing my 4×4 off-road adventures, camping trips, and outdoor grilling. On these nature trips I usually pack frozen raw isaw from Mang Larry’s, Alamat filipino frozen artisanal sausages, and burger takeout from Sweet Ecstasy.

I get how some people long for restaurant dine-in experience – ambiance and food presentation is missed greatly during these times. I can also see some people running to bars to experience joy and companionship. And then there are people like me who look forward to being in nature while enjoying packed food from favorite local restaurants.

Chef Niño Laus

Which restaurant are you looking forward to eat at? Let us know in the comments below!

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