Din Tai Fung Introduces Two New Premium Xiaolongbao Flavors

Pork and Kimchi Xiaolongbao, anyone?

When it comes to good Xiaolongbao, there's still no better place to go in the metro than Din Tai Fung, known to be the home of the "World's Most Famous Xiaolongbao". Famous for its Pork Xiaolongbao, the restaurant still continues to introduce new variants of their bestseller which XLB-lovers should most definitely try. 

Just recently, they have launched their new premium xiaolongbao flavors – Uni and Pork and Pork and Kimchi – which were once exclusive at their Power Plant Mall branch. 

Priced at P345 for five pieces and P685 for 10 pieces, Din Tai Fung's Uni and Pork Xiaolongbao adds a seafood twist to the classic dish, thanks to the creamy bits of uni which give the dumpling a buttery texture. 

The new Pork and Kimchi Xiaolongbao, on the other hand, is perfect for fans of Korean dishes as it features a good fusion of the tangy and spicy flavors which they have come to love from the famous Korean side dish. This is priced at P185 for five pieces and P355 for 10 pieces

For more information, you can keep checking back on Din Tai Fung's official Facebook and Instagram pages. 


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