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Dairy Tale: Why Carmen’s Best ice cream and Holly’s Milk remain to be favorites of Lactose Lovers

Have a look behind the meticulous process behind Holly's Milk and one of the fastest-growing ice cream brands in the country, Carmen's Best.

After Ramon Magsaysay Jr. left the senate in 2007, he and his friends decided on setting up their own dairy farm since he learned it's the 2nd largest import in the country. It is because of this that Carmen's Best was conceived.

There are a total of 264 cows in the farm but only 30-40% of them are milking at any one time.
Paco Magsaysay showing us how the cows are milked.

In 2008, Paco Magsaysay was asked by his father to go to the farm to help him sell the milk where he closed his first account. It was in 2009 where a number of Carmen's Best dairy products was introduced to the public. In 2010, he decided to purchase his first ice cream maker and played around the classic flavors such as strawberry, chocolate and vanilla which are not included in the growing number of flavors they have since he found them boring. 

Holly's White Cheese (Quesong Puti)
We couldn't get enough of these quesong puti that's perfectly toasted on top of crackers. You'll never look at quesong puti the same way again once you try this.

In 2011, he created the company's first four flavors which are until now, the best sellers. The family established the only fresh milk processing plant in the country in 2013. This was also the time Paco finished his Ice Cream Short Course at Pennsylvania State University.

This is where the magic happens — the processing area. It is where the milk is pasteurized and homogenized. They use the HTST pastuerization method where they heat the milk at 72.5 degrees centigrade for 15 seconds. After pasteurization, the milk will be transferred to the homogenizer where it will break the fat globules into smaller sizes so it will appear homogenous. Basically, it will prevent the skim milk and cream to separate.
The finished product is available in pasteurized whole milk (white cap), low fat milk (blue cap) and chocolate milk (brown cap).
Low Fat Yoghurt

We had a tour of the dairy farm and processing plant which supplies the fresh milk from which Carmen's best is made of. Paco Magsaysay, founder and owner of Carmen's Best, toured us on a visit around the Real Fresh Dairy Farm and Laguna Creamery Processing Plant where we learned they have 100 cows which they milk twice a day — 4am and 4pm.

Quality means taking no shortcuts. Carmen's Best is well aware of this fact, as shown in their ice cream that does not rely on any prepared mixes, artificial flavorings, colorings or thickeners.

He's Not Worth It has rich dark chocolatey ice cream base infused with oreo cookies, pecan, walnuts and swirls of thick caramel fudge.

Today, Carmen's best has over 37 flavors to choose from. Their best sellers include Salted Caramel, Butter Pecan, Malted Milk and Brazilian Coffee. They also have local flavors — Coconut, Ube, Cheese, Macapuno, Pineapple Sherbet and 4 Melon Sherbet. A pint costs P370-P420 and the single-serving cup costs P98-P110.

Paco Magsaysay holding up a single-serving (100mL) and pint size of Carmen's Best Ice Cream.

If you want more information about this local premium ice cream, visit or call/text (63 2) 809-2042 or (63 917) 567-BEST (2378).


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