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59C: Cowork, Chow, Coffee and Cocktail at this new hip place along Paseo de Roxas

From the menu to the little details in its interior, everything is well thought of and makes it a more delightful dining experience. 

After 13 years in the restaurant business with Good Earth Roasts, husband and wife Jean Paul and Patricia Cheung introduce their latest collaboration, Paseo 59C – CoWork, Chow, Coffee and Cocktails, a new hip place along Paseo de Roxas which is an innovative co-work space, restaurant and bar. From the menu to the little details in its interior, everything is well thought of and makes it a more delightful dining experience.

What looked like slices of potatoes when served on our table, surprised us when they told us it was actually a bowl of Maling Chips (P150) — and extremely crispy thin slices of Maling at that. What's fascinating is although the maling chips were crispy, they didn't taste burnt at all and its crispiness resembles everyone's all-time favorite, bacon. Speaking of bacon, get this: they also have Bacon Chips (P250) which you can order while waiting for your other orders to arrive.

Maling Chips

Who says breakfast should be the only meal that needs to be served all day? At Paseo 59c, there's an innovative brunch menu that's served all day. From rice meals to sandwiches, surely, there's something on their Asian-inspired menu that you'll like. If you enjoy different texture in your food, start with the 59c Asian Goreng (P260/chicken tausi; P320/braised beef) which has siomai, a perfectly fried egg, crispy dilis, peanuts and kropek sitting on a bed of fried rice. Complete your meal and dip the skewers to their creamy satay sauce.

59c Asian Goreng – Chicken Tausi

Their Chow Mein (P250/fish; P250/chicken tausi) is the classic stir-fried noodles with black bean, bell pepper, leek, celery, fried egg and kropek that's served in a Chinese takeout box for an added feel to it. Other must-try dishes on their brunchfast menu includes Burrito (P260/chicken tausi; P260/braised beef), Sesame Brioche Bun (P280/burger; P280/longganisa), Hainanese Chicken Sandwich (P240) and the Brunchfast of Champions (P320) which has all their must-eats.

Fish Chow Mein

While their Picas are only available from 11am to 12mn, they have a number of notable finger food that's definitely worth the wait; like the Handmade Dumpling with Century Egg (P140/3 pcs), Cheeksig (P220), Dackquitos (P220/5pcs) and Bacon Wrapped Siomai (P170/4pcs)? that's two of our favorites in one.


The Wonton Sipa (P180/3 pcs) has minced chicken, mushrooms and a pungent taste because of the hoisin sauce; although the wonton is already well-seasoned, there's black vinegar on the side for an added smoky flavor. Why the name though? Apparently, the wonton sipa looks similar to the well-loved children's game, sipa. Totally makes sense right? While the Wonton Sipa has a strong taste, the Shrimp Pao (P200) on the contrary has a refreshing taste with every bite brought by the mango bits and the thin layer of sauce.

Wonton Sipa
Shrimp Pao

With Patricia hailing from Bacolod, she has developed her love for food by recreating her family's old recipes. One Ilonggo dish we got to try is the Kansi Noodle Soup (P280) which is one of the popular dishes that's best describe as a cross between bulalo and sinigang where they use batwan which is a souring agent for the soup. However, if your meal wouldn't be complete without rice, the Crispy Pork Belly (P280) which is an ultimate Filipino favorite is also a must-eat on their menu and is served with the classic sweet and tangy sauce that's been reduced for a thicker consistency.

Kansi Noodle Soup
Crispy Pork Belly

A meal's not complete without dessert! Imagine a smooth custard topped with a thin layer of hard caramel and mango bits, that's Paseo 59c's Mango Sago Creme Brulee (P120) that's a perfect ender to a flavorful meal. If you're not a fan of sweets, they still have something for you! The Calamansi Pianono (P180), a light sponge cake rolled with a tangy calamansi filling has just the right amount of acidity and is best eaten with the whipped cream that is served with it. In addition, I heard their Bundt Sandwich (P160) with chocolate and toasted marshmallow is also a can't-miss dessert item on their menu.

Mango Sago Creme Brulee
Calamansi Pianono

Stay a little late and they dim the lights for a more relaxing vibe. Tip: You might want to head out back and you'll be surprised how different it is from the inside.

While Patricia is to the food menu, Jean Paul on the other hand is in charge with the wide variety of drinks. Pick your poison: Whisky Lemonade (P260) and Amaretto Sour (P250).

As it is a co-work restaurant, spaces are available from 9am to 1am, six days a week with food and beverage service during the day then happy hour and dinner meeting from 5pm onwards. 59C is designed with an open layout and blank walls that's ideal for themed events and private parties.


Paseo 59c is located at 59c Paseo de Roxas, Makati. They're open from Mondays to Saturdays except on holidays from 9am to 1am. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram for more details.

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