Bread Winners: 6 Must-Try Baked Goodies at Boulangerie22

Bread lovers unite at this bakery-cafe for an affordable and varied selection of sweet treats and savory baked goods -- from classic French bakery staples to Asian breads. We recently checked out Boulangerie22 to see what's baking at this home-grown bakery and picked out 6 of their freshly baked goodies for you to sink your teeth in.

Bread lovers unite at Boulangerie22, a new bakery-cafe with an affordable and varied selection of sweet treats and savory baked goods — from classic French bakery staples, Asian breads, to assorted loaves and cakes to bring home with you. The bakery uses both classic and modern methods of baking, and their wide selection of products — all made from scratch and freshly baked — will delight any kind of bread lover whether you're craving something sweet to pair with your coffee or want to snack on something savory.



We recently checked out Boulangerie22 to see what's baking at this home-grown bakery and picked out 6 of their freshly baked goodies for you to sink your teeth in.


1. Chocolate Dulce de Leche Bread (P59): If you love soft bread and sweet caramel, this one is for you. The soft bun is made with dark chocolate and inside is a generous dulce de leche filling — it's thick, creamy and indulgent, so pair this dessert type of bread with coffee to balance it all out. It's the type of snack that seems to be a cure-all for a bad mood (or PMS).


2. Chicken Floss Bread (P59): floss buns are a favorite in Asian bakeries, the meat floss ('Rousong') originating in China and seen in traditional congeees as topping. Here, their version uses chicken floss, each sweet bun given a generous coating on top, without the usual creamy mayonnaise type of layer that binds floss to bread. Three kinds are currently available — Chicken Floss Bread (P59), Spicy Chicken Floss Bread (P59) which is a personal favorite, and Cheddar Chicken Floss Bread (P59).


3. Bean-filled Sweet Buns: Boulangerie22 has something that Anpan (Japanese bread roll with red bean paste) lovers ought to try. Here, the sweet bun is called Korean Sweet Red Bean Bread (P49) and is topped with sesame seeds, while a version with toasted black sesame seeds (Korean Black Sesame Red Bean Bread – P49) is also available. The sweetness of the soft and chalky adzuki bean paste goes well with the fluffy bun, and is delightful when freshly heated on the oven (ask them to heat it before serving if you'll order one to eat at the bakery).



4. Japanese-style Cream Cheese Bread (P59): Soft buns serve as pockets to a generous filling of cream cheese that is mixed with fruity flavors, like Blueberry Cream Cheese Bread (P59)  Strawberry Cream Cheese Bread (P59) Japanese Custard Cream Cheese Bread. Soft, creamy, and addicting to eat, it's a dougnut lover's alternative to cream-filled doughnuts — it also gets plus points for being baked, rather than deep-fried (if you're looking for a healthy angle to eating your sweets). After trying many variations of sweet buns at Boulangerie, I have to say that they have quite a knack for it!


5. Pizza by the Slice: Bakeries don't usually serve pizzas, so it was a delicious surprise to see pizzas being sold by the slice on the menu of Boulangerie22. Their thin crust pizzas are as classic as they get–they're cheesy, soft enough to fold, and deceivingly "light" you can easily scarf down a couple of slices in no time. Try the Classic Cheese (P99) and Pepperoni (P129).


6. Assorted Croissants: Their take on the classic viennoiserie from France is more compact, wonderfully flaky and crisp, though it has less airy pockets than ones you can typically buy in other bakeries. Theirs also has 81 layers, and upon a bite, creates a delicious mess of crumbs and flakes when your teeth meets the pastry to shatter it. Order the classic French Normandy Butter Croissant (P79) or Pain Au Chocolat (P89, also comes as mini croissants), but do save space for the newest variant–an Almond Butter Croissant (P89) with a crumbly crusty coating made with crispy almond cookie batter. This magical layer adds even more texture to the already flaky croissant and yes, it will get messier to eat!


Aside from these six recommended bready treats, there are more baked products in store for bread lovers seeking something savory or sweet: they sell assorted whole cakes, cookies, financiers made with almond flour, shell-shaped madeleines, macarons, muffins, mozzarella bread with sausage, pepperoni toast, loaves, and more. This homegrown bakery concept may be French by name, but its offerings go beyond European breads, cakes, and pastries — there's just so much to choose from, making every visit to the store a high-carb encounter, one big bite at a time.


Visit Boulangerie22 outlets in Eton Baypark Manila, Chino Roces Avenue Extension, One Legaspi Park Condominium, Greenfield District, Alabang Hills, SM San Lazaro, and at kiosks inside Yoree (The Forum BGC and Molito Alabang). Visit, like Boulangerie22 on Facebook (/boulangerie22),and follow on Twitter and Instagram (@boulangerie22).

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