Tasting Thailand: Siam Noodle House is a must-try when you’re heading South

Siam doesn't have an expansive menu but sees to it they have everything you would want to satisfy your Thai food cravings.

Being Just Thai's little sister, Siam (Thailand's former name) Noodle House also offers authentic Thai dishes but focusing more on its noodle soups menu. The establishment opened its doors last May 2016 and has since been serving authentic Thai cuisine.

You'll find yourself walking on a pathway filled with greens and browns before reaching the restaurant. Upon entering, you'll discover a cozy restaurant that's neither casual or upscale which actually had this relaxing vibe which is comparable to spas if you didn't know food is actually served. The warm tones, the interior and the instrumental music playing in the background easily transported us to a different place. It felt like we were in Thailand since the restaurant is quite far from the main road.

Siam doesn't have an expansive menu but sees to it they have everything you would want to satisfy your Thai food cravings. For starters, the Poh Pia Tod (P165) or crispy spring rolls is popular in Thai homes that it varies greatly when it comes to the ingredients used. Commonly it has glass noodles, bean sprouts, mushrooms and your choice of meat folded in spring roll wrapper and fried until golden brown. We also sampled on some crispy garlic squid rings that has a sharp peppery taste but not spicy at all called Pla Muk Tod (P220) is served with sweet chili sauce and spicy sauce on the side.

Poh Pia Tod

Pla Muk Tod

On top of our list for salad is the Catfish Salad (P150) that's a combination of a crispy net of fish meat and a sweet and tangy salad of green mango. There are so many textures and flavors going on yet they all work well. However, if you're not a fan of textures, they also have the Glass Noodle Salad (P150), drizzle on some tangy fish sauce for an extra kick. 

Glass Noodle Salad

Catfish Salad

Noodle Soups are what Siam Noodle House is most proud of. Not only are they perfect for this weather but they are well-seasoned and affordable at that. Choose among the chicken noodle soup, crispy pork noodle soup, the classic Tom Yum, Kuaitiao Krok Kapi (P160) which is a shrimp paste noodle soup and their signature beef noodle soup, Kuaitiao Neua (P160) with tender beef chunks. And since Thai food is known for having spicy dishes, they will ask what level of spiciness you'd prefer so you get to wipe off every plate clean. 

Kuaitiao Neua

Kuaitiao Krok Kapi

There are also dishes that are best paired with heaping servings of steamed rice but why not go all out with the Khao Krok Kapi (P190) a.k.a Thai's fried rice, which is a simple bagoong rice that's packed with flavor. Toss everything on the plate – green mangoes, scrambled eggs, dried shrimp, onions and chili – and savor the combination of different food elements.

Pair the warm rice with a serving of their equally palatable Pla Rad Prik (P290), filleted tilapia that's fried until crispy then served with two kinds of sauce on the side: sweet chili and tamarind.

Khao Krok Kapi

Pla Rad Prik

At Siam, you'll be surprised as to how every dish is affordable yet is good for sharing. They have a few dishes that's covered in curry sauce like the Ghaeng Phet (P290) which is one of their best-sellers and must-tries. It is a popular Thai dish with red curry paste cooked in coconut milk and beef flavored with fresh basil leaves. Every dish is full of flavor yet everything complements each other with every spoonful. For a healthier fare, they have two seafood dishes on the menu: Pad Talay Prik Pow (P250), a mix of seafood in chili if you want something spicier and Pad Gaprow Talay (P250) which is seafood in a thick coconut sauce with fried basil which you can combine with the seafood for an added crunch in every bite.

Ghaeng Phet

Pad Gaprow Talay


Siam Noodle House is located at President's Avenue corner Aguirre Avenue., BF Homes, Parañaque. You may reach them at (02) 776 4280, like them on Facebook or follow them on Instagram for more information. 

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