Exciting Eats: A Guide to The Yard Underground in Pasig

Here are can't-miss eats and drinks for the complete #TheYardExperience!

As much as we don't want to admit, food parks have been an actual thing in the Metro in the past year. And while almost every possible food hub is located up north, we've actually gone there just because there are unlimited unique choices when it comes to food and drink and we just couldn't miss them. 

Here's good news! If Katipunan is a little far from you, #TheYardExperience is finally in Pasig, definitely a much closer site if you're coming from the South. Inspired by a visit to London, The Yard Underground is similar to the London Underground train system but still featuring an industrial look which The Yard has been known for.

Just like The Yard at Xavierville, The Yard Underground has a variety of interesting local food concepts and has been carefully chosen by Bobbie Soriano, the owner, making sure every visit will satisfy any cravings you may have. Since the food park is catered to family and friends, they will continue featuring live musical performances from bands and DJs every weekend to make your stay even more amazing.

Well, it isn't a food park without the food! Here are the can't-miss eats and drinks when you visit The Yard Underground in Pasig: 

The Lost Bread


The Lost Bread has been known in Maginhawa for quite some time now for its milkshakes and french toasts. Now, it has invaded The Yard in Pasig with a milkshake bar specializing in over-the-top milkshakes and their signature blue vanilla soft serve ice cream. You can choose from their signature shakes like Cookie Jar, The Carousel, Strawberry Fruit Cereal and so much more interesting flavors. 

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Rustic Box

Want to pack up on protein that's easy on the pockets? You can create your own steak – T-Bone (P185), Porterhouse (P265), Ribeye (P265) and Steak bites ala Pobre (P250) – where you can mix and match the rubs and sides to your liking. There are also a la carte meals like the Herbed Salmon Steak (P250), Angus Salisbury Steak (P220), Blue Marlin Steak (P220) and more which are all served with two sides! Now, that will definitely fill you up.

The Good Tapa

This stall is called Good Tapa for a reason! They have an interesting take on the classic Tapa that's beef. Here, you can choose from beef, pork and chicken in different kinds of sauces – the good ol' classic, a sharp garlic salpicao, sweet bulgogi and Thai Mama – that's perfect if you're craving for some Tapa with a twist.

Halal Kabab Express

They offer a variety of authentic Persian cuisine that matches the Filipino palate and pocket! Must-try dishes are the Chelo Kabab (P189) where you can choose from beef, chicken or a combination of two and the Chicken Biryani served with Basmati Rice (P249). They also have Naan Wraps priced at only P99, available in beef or chicken. Now, authentic Persian cuisine is definitely at reach whenever your craving!

Chicken Alley

If you're all about wings, you'll love this stall which specializes in lip-smacking wings (P145/small; P185/medium; P225/large) in different flavors like the Original Buffalo Sauce, Sriracha Mansi, Spicy Salted Egg, Korean Style, Honey Garlic and Soy Garlic. They also offer a Chizza (P135) which are chicken pops in pizza sauce. 


If you're seeking for the perfect comfort food, this boxing-themed burger stall is your best bet. Indulge on their well-seasoned juicy burgers that are overloaded with elements like the Noy-pi (P180) which has 100% beef patty, chicken liver paté, pork humba, pickled cucumber, red onion, finished off with their special sauce sandwiched in a brioche bun. Craving for some Italian? Order the Italian Stallion (P180). How about Greek? Order the Leonidas (P180) which has shredded lamb shank!

Tikka Tikka Fusion Burrito

A stall specializing in Indian-Mexican fusion cuisine, their wraps are a combination of a shawarma and a burrito and comes in beef, chicken, grilled prawn and sisig that's a nice Filipino touch in the menu. If you want to ditch the wrap, they also offer just the rice, still with the above-mentioned toppings. 

Pub Express

Who hates waiting for food when you're already hangry?! *raises hand* Well, this stall promises that your order will be served in just 3 minutes! Yes, even their mouth-watering Baby Back Ribs (P169) that are extra tender, you won't need a knife to cut through it! They also have Sausages (P120) served with rice. Choose from Bocks, Hungarian, German Cheese and Schublig.

Nitro 7 Coffee & Tea Bar

If you're one of the few who loves their coffee cold, Nitro 7 is a definite must-try! It is a new concept of coffee that's nitrogen-infused. You'll better appreciate how different this is from the others especially when you get the Black Nitro (P85/reg; P100/large) since it's already sweet and creamy even without sugar and milk. There's also their best-seller which is the Toffee Hazelnut Breve (P115/reg; P130/large) and the Hazelnut Caramel Mocha (P120/reg; P135/large) if you prefer something that's sweeter.

Saigon Sadie

A stall which serves modern twists on your favorite Vietnamese grub, this will be your favorite if you're always looking for something fresh. Make sure you don't miss out on the Shrimp Goi Con (P95) that have become an instant favorite after one bite! And what's a Vietnamese stall without a classic Bahn Mi sandwich? Their Busty Bambi (P150/solo) has savory chicken tucked in bread with fresh ingredients. 

Carnivore Cookery

If you're seeking for some smoky flavor in your meat, Carnivore Cookery is the place to be. Their meats are slow cooked and smoked for more than 10 hours which results to the red tint you'll see. Other than that, the meat is packed with flavor and is tender in every bite. You can choose between the Smoked Pork Belly (P220) or the Smoked Beef Brisket (P220), both served with garlic rice. If you want to skip the rice, both are available in sandwiches. For sides, either have the Blooming Onion (P100) or the Mashed Potato (P60).

Sassas Chicharronia

Indulge on the classic favorites… Cheesy Sisig Rolls (P120), Sisig Longganisa with Chicharon Bulaklak (P120) and so much more! This stall definitely does not kid when it comes to extremely sinful eats. 

Ta Ke Ho Me

If you're a grab-and-go person, then Ta Ke Ho Me is a stall you shouldn't miss out on. They are a sushi take-out counter which serves of quality Japanese eats without burning a hole in your pocket. Their sushis start at P99 for 8pcs, P299 for 24 pcs and P449 for 40pcs. Definitely affordable, right? Must-tries are the Dragon Ball which is a spicy smoked salmon, the Migori which is a torched salmon with some miso mayo and the classic California Maki. They also have Sushi Burritos which has been all the rave the past year and it only starts at P159!

Macho Lucha Taco Shack

Macho Lucha Taco Shack specializes in, well… tacos! It is hard to miss this taqueria's bright and chill interiors. They serve the classic soft tacos, nachos and quesadilla. Don't miss out on the Dorada (P110) which is a fusion of Filipino and Mexican, has pork sisig, garlic sour cream, salsa verde and cilantro for the fresh flavor! There's also the Nacho Libre (P140) which is a perfect pica-pica – has a generous serving of nacho chips, ground beef, nacho cheese sauce, sour cream and the works.


Well, who isn't crazy for Nutella?! This is heaven for everyone who loves this Hazelnut spread! A Nutella-themed shack serving all kinds of Nutella desserts and whatnots, their most-photographed/best-seller is the Waffella which comes in different flavors like Hazelnut, Brownie Fudge, The Real OG (Oreo) and so much more, priced at only P160.


If you can't live without chicken, Birdmen should be on top of your list when visiting The Yard Underground. They whip up a mean southern fried chicken sprinkled with their signature powder and served with three different kinds of sauces – creamy gravy, chimichuri, sriracha honey, spicy mayo, honey mustard and garlic aioli. They also have a platter of fried duck, salted egg chicken sandwich and a classic chicken BLT.

The Potato Club

Potato and cheese… who can every say no to that?! This is a stall which specializes in all kinds of potato food items, The Potato Club served mashed potato smothered in cheese and overloaded with various toppings. Choose their classic Club & Cheese (P150) which has bacon, ham, broccoli, boiled egg, pineapple, corn, ranch dressing, pepper and parsley! Or if you want something that's simple, the Bacon & Cheese (P130) is for you. It has bacon, corn, ranch dressing, pepper and parsley.

Phat Boys

An ice cream sandwich joint which started as a pop-up in BGC has finally decided to join The Yard. Choose from their Phatboy Originals like the Phatcake (P180) which looks insanely good, it is a cheesecake ice cream with sprinkles sandwiched between a red velvet cupcake! You shouldn't miss out on the Mother Fudger (P180) if you want desserts which are not too sweet. It is a generous scoop of mocha ice cream, almond slivers and chocolate syrup in between two snickerdoodles. You can even create your own ice cream sandwich if you can't choose from any of the existing combination! 

Above Sea Level by Baypoint

This one's probably the most popular food item as it is the most photographed at this food park. Above Sea Level by Baypoint is the home of the Giant Butterfly Squid (P180) that's served with a cup of java rice which makes it a complete meal. It is a deep fried whole squid which has a perfectly seasoned batter cut open which makes it an exciting way to devour it.

Push Mo Yan Teh

A food stall which caught our eye because of its 'Push Mo Yan Teh' bright neon signage, it serves your favorite Filipino dishes with a twist and actually works! If you're into the salted eggs trend, you'll definitely love their Salty Eggs Bagnet – crispy bagnet tossed in a rich salted egg sauce. There's also this Sriracha Chicken Inasal with LGBT (langka, gata, bagoong, tomato) sauce. What's great is every dish is at P160 only and is served with free Tangladlad Iced Tea.


Annyeonghaseyo! Antarctique serves a highly popular Korean shaved iced dessert called Bingsu which has sweet toppings like chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup and Azuki beans. They have classic favorites like the Strawberry Cheesecake (P200/regular; P250/large), Mango Cheese (P90/sample; P170/regular; P220/large) and the must-try Bibingsu (P250/large) which we think is a hybrid of a Bibimbap and a Bingsu. It has strawberry, blueberry, kiwi, mango, pineapple and a peach in the middle.

Chill Out Cooks

Just when you thought you've tasted all the comfort food ever, Chill Out Cooks proves that otherwise. They specialize in fried pizza, fried oreos, deep fried carbonara and so much more fried stuff you can't even imagine. It feels so wrong and right at the same time since every dish actually works! If you want the complete experience, order the Superchill (P249) set which is a serving of all their best-sellers – the original fried pie, deep fried creamy bacon carbonara and some vanilla french onion rings. 


The Yard Underground is located at Christian Route Hill Crest Circle Oranbo, Pasig. They're open all week, Mondays to Sundays from 4pm to 12am. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram for more details. 

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