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A Matcha Made in Heaven: 6 Must-Try Desserts in Tsujiri at S Maison, Pasay

Whether you’re more of an ice cream than a cake kind of person or vice versa, Tsujiri has got your cravings covered as they give you many different ways to enjoy your matcha every time you visit.

Tsujiri, a 155-year old matcha brand from Japan, has finally come to Manila, and we were lucky enough to try some of the desserts they have in store to keep every kind of matcha-lover out there satisfied. Famous for maintaining the traditional means of grinding the tea leaves to bring out its aroma and flavors, Tsujiri is a place where you can expect to get nothing but the best and most authentic matcha experience you could ever have without having to book a flight to Japan.

Tsujiri in S'Maison

Whether you’re more of an ice cream than a cake kind of person or vice versa, Tsujiri has got your cravings covered as they give you many different ways to enjoy your matcha every time you visit.

Wondering what to get on your next visit at this green tea paradise? Here are 8 matcha offerings we loved that you should definitely include on your list:

1. Tsujiri Sundae

Tsujiri Sundae
Tsujiri Sundae 

A delight for ice cream lovers, the Tsujiri Sundae (P285) is a dessert consists of a layer of rice crispies, a layer of matcha sundae, red bean sauce, and topped with shiratama (mochi) balls, chestnuts, Sakura rice wafer, and another layer of matcha sundae. It’s the best introduction to the desserts place as it gives you a taste of the sweet flavors from the other ingredients without overpowering the earthy flavors of the matcha.


2. Houjicha Milk Float

Tsujiri's Houjicha Milk Float
Houjicha Milk Float

Made with roasted green tea and topped with vanilla or matcha sundae, the Houjicha Milk Float (P210) is the drink for those who are into the more bitter flavors of matcha. It’s also a good alternative for the coffee-lovers as it features a distinct bitter taste that would remind you of the flavors from that cup of joe you need in the morning.

3. O-Matcha Cappuccino

Tsujiri's O-Matcha Cappuccino
O-Matcha Cappuccino

A more traditional way of having your green tea, Tsujiri’s O-Matcha Cappuccino (P140) is ceremoniously brewed in a bowl and whisked with a traditional chasen or bamboo whisk to bring out its flavors. The result? A bittersweet and milky drink that’s perfect to have especially when you need your dose of caffeine to get you through the day.

4. Uji Sunset

Tsujiri's Uji Sunset
Uji Sunset

If you’re coming with your friends, make sure to try Uji Sunset (P325) as a serving of it is good for 3 or more people. It’s a shaved ice dessert drizzled with matcha syrup and topped with shiratama balls, red bean sauce, and black sugar syrup. You could also opt to try their Uji Sunrise, where instead of black sugar syrup, they drizzle your dessert with condensed milk.

5. Choux Crème

Tsujiri's Choux Creme
Choux Creme

Choux Crème is Tsujiri’s version of an ice cream sandwich, and it’s basically matcha or vanilla sundae placed in between two choux cookies. The cookies are already soft, chewy, and delicious on its own, but the sundae makes it a more addicting dessert than it already is.

6. Matcha Lava Cake

Tsujiri Lava Cake
Tsujiri Lava Cake

Top off your Tsujiri experience by having their Matcha Lava Cake (P250 with vanilla soft serve), the perfect dessert for those with a sweet tooth. A slice through the cake’s chiffon goodness treats you with the sight of matcha lava oozing out of it. Served with matcha or vanilla soft-served ice cream, expect this one to not only be a delight to look at but also an addicting one to have every time you visit the place.

Tsujiri is planning to release more pastries and desserts over the coming weeks and months, so better keep an eye out on their Facebook and Instagram page for updates.

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