Ramen Nagi has new Gyoza and Chicken Karaage flavors, available June 8

There's a matcha-flavored Chicken Karaage!

Summer is almost over which means ramen cravings are stronger than ever. Ramen Nagi which is popular for its bowls of ramen – Butao King, Green King, Red King and Black King – also serves great side dishes you can munch on while slurping on your #FavoriteRamen.

Currently, they have fifteen side dishes you can choose from but you can't really deny the fact that their Gyoza and Chicken Karaage goes so well with any of their bowls of ramen. Now, you can enjoy your classic favorites with three new flavors.

The classic Gyoza now comes in a subtle Garlic (P230) flavor just enough to wake your palate, a Cheese (P250) flavor which adds a little saltiness and creaminess to the piping hot gyoza and Perilla (P240) belonging to the mint family, adds a refreshing taste to the ground meat and vegetable mix.

New flavors for their Chicken Karaage will also be rolling out at the same time. Anyone who loves a little heat and dishes bursting with flavor would instantly love the 7 Spice (P300) and Curry (P270) flavors. Odd as it may seem, the earthy flavor of Matcha (P290) also works well with the chicken fillet lightly coated with breading. Each piece is already packed with flavor, you don't need to dip it in the mayo mustard sauce it comes with.

7 Spices



The new flavors will be exclusively available at the newest Ramen Nagi branch at Signa Designer Residences in Salcedo Village on June 8. It will be available in all branches from July 1. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram for the complete list of stores and exclusive updates.

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