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Poke Around and Get Fit with Poke Poke’s Three New Sexy Bowls

The Hawaiian classic has been taking bold and playful turns at Poke Poke, and now their poke bowls are going sexier with 'fit food' options -- a new line of Sexy Bowls.

The Hawaiian classic has been taking bold and playful turns at Poke Poke, a homegrown food concept brought about by the partnership of Locavore's co-owners Speedy and Alta Lyttle, along with Locavore's Chef Kel Zaguirre. At this poke bowl specialty store, it's guaranteed that you can enjoy a bowl of poke just the way you like it — their menu lists classic poke bowls bountiful with seafood, and the chef's bold and adventurous streak comes in flavor punches and awesome sauces in signature bowls (poke here isn't limited to seafood–there's even cooked meat and toppings to choose from).

For those who can handle hot, hot heat: Dragon (P450) is a fiery poke bowl of salmon, shrimp, and unagi smothered in mangonnaise and sriracha aioli
Get the Gamberetti (P290) if you love shrimp and like your poke bowl on the creamy and sweet side–this mix with brown rice, greens, ripe mangoes, tomatoes, and honey mustard will remind you of california maki
For The Rich Only (P480) is not your usual poke bowl: steak cubes, soft boiled egg, crispy bacon, and white truffle oil

Poke Poke's poke bowls are now going sexier with 'fit food' options — a new line of Sexy Bowls for the hungry who prefer a quick bowl of something healthy yet filling. The pre-selected toppings and flavor mix are veggie loaded and packed with seafood, with three kinds of Sexy Bowl flavors to choose from.

Sexy Bowl 1

The Sexy Bowl 1 is a personal favorite. This poke bowl keeps it simple yet refreshing, skipping the grains for more space for mixed greens. Chunks of fresh tuna meet bell peppers, cucumber, and seaweed; adding more crunch and texture are bits of crisp fried garlic and sesame seeds. It's enchanced with spice and flavor from soy sauce, sesame oil, togarashi, and a topping of pickled ginger for some acidity.

Sexy Bowl 2

Sexy Bowl 2 is topped with seared tuna and underneath mixed greens is a bed of quinoa to power you up with healthy protein. This bowl is a sweet and creamy mix of bell peppers, green onions, pickled ginger, pineapple bits, tossed in Asian dressing vinaigrette with a sprinkle of togarashi, and sesame seeds.

Sexy Bowl 3

Sexy Bowl 3 is like a sushi roll that's been deconstructed into a poke bowl. There's brown rice paired with seared salmon and chunks of ripe mango combined with mixed greens, seaweed, cucumber, and spring onions. It's coated with a sweet mango lime dressing, and finished off with a sprinkle of sesame seeds and pickled ginger.


If Poke Poke's Signatures or Sexy Bowls don't seem to exactly fit your food mood for the day, you can always Create A Bowl (P350), choosing whatever grains, greens, protein, and other add-ons and extra ingredients to suit to your liking.

DIY Your Poke Poke experience: this fully-loaded bowl is delicious! Try our creation of tuna, salmon, and poached shrimp on mixed greens; with mix-ins of furikake, seaweed, cucumber, radish, sesame seeds on wasabi aioli, shoyu, and sesame oil; it's topped wtih avocado, tobiko, pickled ginger, and fried garlic for some crunch.

Visit Poke Poke at their branches in Estancia Mall Pasig, Food on Four at SM Aura, and 8 Missouri in Greenhills. Like Poke Poke on Facebook (/pokepokemanila) and follow on Instagram (@pokepokemanila).

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