Ramen Nagi releases 3 Filipino-flavored Ramen, available only this July

Binagoongan King, Bicol Express King and Cheesy Caldereta King!

In celebration of the Japan-Philippines Friendship month, Ramen Nagi has incorporated classic Filipino food favorites into their ramen (and it actually works!).

The much-loved ramen chain in Manila has released three unique flavors tagged as the #ManilaKings – Binagoongan King, Bicol Express King and Cheesy Caldereta. The catch? They're only available for a limited time.

Ready your tastebuds as this will be a feast of different flavors for your palate. The first one which was released last Saturday is the Binagoongan King (P440). It is a fusion of their traditional ramen infused with a locally-sourced bagoong (shrimp paste) in their tonkotsu broth. To make it look more like the Filipino dish, it is served with all the good stuff: eggplant, tomato, green chili, coconut cream and topped off with slices of fried pork belly. Available only from July 1 to 10.

Binagoongan King

A personal favorite, maybe because I'm Bicolano, is the Bicol Express King (P440). It may seem a little scary to order this but what's interesting is it tastes authentic and if you love a little heat while slurping your bowl of ramen, it would be no surprise that this would be your favorite as well. The spicy chili in rich coconut milk goes so well with their tonkotsu broth, it seems that it's meant to be mixed together. It is then finished off with crispy deep-fried pork belly and slices of green and red chili. Available only from July 11 to 20.

Bicol Express King

The last Manila King reminds me so much of the one made at home – that's as real as it gets. A combination of traditional ramen served in thick caldereta sauce, the Cheesy Caldereta King (P440) is the classic stewed pork and tomato sauce combo. A bowl is packed with spices and served with potato, carrots and sweet pepper garnished with grated cheese. Available only from July 21 to 31.

Cheesy Caldereta King

Which of these #ManilaKings are you most excited to try?


The #ManilaKings will be available for a limited time only. See the full list of branches here. Like Ramen Nagi on Facebook and follow them on Instagram for updates.

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