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Santa Ana Gin

Santa Ana Gin Has the Perfect Holiday Cocktail for You

If you’re looking for that perfect festive drink to indulge in this season, look no further than the potent Santa Ana 75.

Nothing spells the holidays like cheery merry-makings with family and friends amid sumptuous feasts surrounded by Yuletide revelry.  And there’s no better way to liven and luxe up the festivities than by topping it off with a perfect drink. Whether in cocktails or on-the-rocks, the exquisite and aromatic flavors of the Santa Ana Gin will surely put you in a celebratory mood.  

The Santa Ana Gin combines the distinct tastes of delicate floral notes and fresh tropical citrus palate from ylang-ylang, alpinia, calamansi, and dalandan with traditional gin botanicals to create an exotic and matchless homegrown flavor.

Santa Ana Gin

The rich and decadent flavors of the Santa Ana Gin and its bespoke bottle design inspired by the glamorous dancehall days of 1920s Manila will surely add to the jovial elegance and flair of any holiday fete.

A spin on a French classic

If you’re looking for that perfect festive drink to indulge in this season, look no further than the potent Santa Ana 75. Tracing its roots in 1915 Paris, the classic French 75 was created by Harry MacElhone of Harry’s New York Bar. It’s been said that the cocktail was named so because the combination delivered such a hit “it felt like being shelled with the powerful French 75mm field gun”.

The Santa Ana Gin’s take on this timeless cocktail is created by making a base of Santa Ana Gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup is shaken on ice for 15 seconds or so to combine and chill all the ingredients. It is then double strained into a chilled champagne flute, topped with champagne, and zested and garnished with a lemon twist.


The result is the contemporary Santa Ana 75, an effervescent and luscious cocktail that fittingly mingles the glamourous, decadent worlds of East meets West, and 1920s meets 2020s.

A sustainable enterprise

With Santa Ana Gin, every drop is a delightful experience because its creators value dedication to high-quality, local produce in making its product. Hence, it has partnered and continues to grow and build on its collaboration with Iba Botanicals in Zambales, ensuring excellence while being committed to helping displaced indigenous farmers.

Indulge in the beguiling taste of Santa Ana Gin this holiday season. Get your own bottle to enjoy or share the tantalizing taste of the Santa Ana Gin as a gift for your family and friends by visiting

Avail of their free delivery promo available until the end of the year by using the code: ylangylang.

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