Max’s Corner Bakery’s Choco Dulce Delight Cake is Heavenly Sweetness this Holiday Season

Don't miss the chance to indulge in this limited-edition premium cake from Max's!

Max’s Restaurant’s bakeshop brand, Max’s Corner Bakery, has recently launched a premium cake to further sweeten up this season of joy and cheers!

The Choco Dulce Delight is their latest limited-edition cake that combines the decadent dulce de leche with the no-fail flavor of rich chocolate. It is made with layers of moist chocolate cake with rich dulce filling in between, frosted with a beautiful, luscious layer of chocolate fudge icing outside. With the distinct sweetness of dulce de leche and the comforting familiarity of chocolate, every tempting bite of this treat is heavenly bliss!

Available for only P999 for dine-in and take-out orders, and P1,149 via and 888-79000, the Choco Dulce Delight is available in Luzon stores only. But be quick, better to pre-order now and avoid the holiday rush!

Aside from this new premium cake, Max’s has also recently introduced the cheesy and chocolatey Malagos Champorado Cheesecake, which joins their merry lineup of Pinoy holiday cheesecakes– the Bibingka Cheesecake and the Puto Bumbong Cheesecake. They have also announced their offerings for your holiday feast including the Classic and Deluxe Holiday Bundles and the new All-in-One Tray.

For more information and the latest updates, follow Max’s Restaurant on Facebook.


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