Pocofino’s Pop-up ‘Chiosco’ Coffee Bar Completes Your Coffee Rituals This December

Discover the sweet life through brewed cups and delectable panini at home or on the go--visit the Pocofino Pop-Up “Chiosco” Coffee Bar and Showcase at Greenhills Promenade this December

For many of us, the day is defined by coffee rituals. Sipping a cup of freshly brewed coffee takes pride of place over any other activity to start our day. Coffee is also an after-meal ritual, an afternoon pick-me-up, and, for some, a post-dinner habit. Weekends are spent having a conversation with a loved one over a cup or spending quality “me time” with a favorite brew in hand. 

It may not be obvious at first just how essential coffee is to our lives until examined in fine detail. All over the world, cultures are intertwined with coffee, but it is the Italians who have created and developed the quintessential coffee lifestyle. Pocofino gives the coffee-drinking experience a fun Filipino twist, paying tribute to these two cultures through the love of coffee. 

Be transported to the Italian way of life — a laid-back afternoon in a sunlit piazza, taking in an afternoon espresso with a serene view, and conversing with friends or family. To Italians, life should be sweet not stressful: la dolce vita

Celebrate Italy’s storied coffee culture with a journey to explore its world of heritage coffee brands al fresco with the Pocofino Pop-up “Chiosco” (kiosk) Coffee Bar at Greenhills Promenade opening on Saturday, December 4, 2021. The Pocofino Chiosco is open daily for the whole month of December. Discover the bold flavors of authentic Italian brews with Pocofino’s range of classic and curated coffee selections and Easy Serve Espresso (ESE) Pod coffee machines that will be on display.

Coffee-cionados can experiment and enjoy getting to know Italy in a cup at home or at the workplace with the “Didi” and La Piccola, both using the Easy Serve Espresso (ESE) Pod system, to show Filipinos an easy to use coffee system that uses biodegradable pods. A good cup of eco-friendly espresso is just a press away with the convenience of these modern espresso machines. These deliver a compact cafe experience with high performance and high style for quality coffee anytime, anywhere and for anyone. 


The ESE pod also contains more coffee than your regular variant of coffee capsule in the market. That means more power to your morning espresso! Since the pod itself is packaged in paper, it’s ready for compost after use—and proves to be a more eco-conscious choice aside from the practicality it offers for your daily jolt. These are also still compatible with all espresso machines, offering excellent espresso in a more convenient and mess-free pod. 

Using an ESE Pod machine gets you more coffee, less plastic waste, and is actually more cost-effective, compared to any other single serve coffee system in the market. 

With an eye for sustainability, Didiesse, maker of the Didi, is reinventing the espresso game. This small and compact coffee machine comes in a wide range of colors that adapt to multiple settings and lifestyles. Didi machines can handle large workloads while maintaining low consumption. Colors available: Black, White, Gray, Orange, Red, Miami Blue, Mustard Yellow, Lime Green and Fuchsia, in matte or glossy finish. 

The La Piccola is a compact beauty, wrapped in marine grade stainless steel and containing a commercial coffee pump that will extract perfectly and consistently the same every time using your ESE Pods. 

Composting made ESE 

Because both coffee grounds and coffee filters are considered green material, your ESE pods post-brew can help add nitrogen to your compost. Beyond composting, you may also use your coffee grounds as organic fertilizer for your plants just by working your grounds into the soil. This is our contribution towards a more eco-friendly world. 

While the biodegradable pod’s packaging is still plastic to retain the coffee pod for longer use, Pocofino is proud to share that our partners are already in the works of making the entire packaging eco-conscious! 

Limited Time Offer 

In a limited time during the Pocofino Pop-up “Chiosco” (kiosk) Coffee Bar, the first 50 people who will purchase the DIDI Ese Pod Machine on site or ONLINE will get it at Php 8,499, a steal from its original SRP of Php 12,500. Sign up on the database to avail of the discount and get another 10% discount on succeeding ESE pods purchase. To sign up for the database, visit the Pocofino Chiosco or for online purcases, create an account on the online store, www.pocofino.com

Visit the Pocofino Pop-up Chiosco at Greenhills Promenade everyday this December to avail of the Pocofino Loyalty Card promo where regular visits can also earn you a free Didi ESE machine. Enjoy delicious brews and paninis, espresso shots, coffee giveaways, machine showcase and product demos. Learn about coffee making through ESE pods — the conscious, convenient and cost-efficient coffee option. Watch live demos using the selection of Pocofino’s premium Italian beans and the iconic moka pot. 

Bringing Premium Italian Heritage Brands to the Philippines 

Pocofino proudly carries Danesi, the 100-year old heritage coffee brand that’s known for its variety of blends such as the smooth Gold Quality, the earthy Emerald, and the strong Doppio. Danesi coffee comes in various forms: whole beans, ground coffee, filter, and Nespresso-compatible capsules. The Rome-based coffee roaster is one of the pioneers of the traditional Italian espresso culture and has maintained its consistent quality through decades of experience and innovation. 

Lucaffe is a younger Italian brand that will put you in a “good mood”. Born in Brescia in Northern Italy, it specializes in ESE pods, a convenient, cleaner way of making espresso-type drinks at home. Each ESE pod contains seven grams of coffee, and produces a high volume of crema and a taste that many consumers find comparable to what is available in an Italian espresso bar. 

Caffe Borbone from Naples presents incomparable modern Neapolitan coffee with traditional flavors, while Gima Caffe is an artisanal, family-owned brand from Rome that has been around since the 1980s.

Every item in the store is carefully selected for their body, flavor and fine quality. Customers can also indulge in delicious drinks and desserts from a limited cafe menu, inspired by the brand’s Italian coffee range but injected with Asian flavors. 

Pocofino invites you to discover these Italian brands and other homegrown treats in the pursuit of la dolce vita at home. With Pocofino, every cup is like a little escape in your day. You can also shop online on www.pocofino.com and order the Didi and La Piccola machine, as well premium coffee beans, grounds, and coffee pods on the site. 

Pocofino Pop-up “Chiosco” (kiosk) Coffee Bar is at Promenade Greenhills – Missouri Entrance Shop at www.pocofino.com. Join our Community: https://www.instagram.com/pocofino/

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