‘Versus Barcade’ Lets You Play Old School Arcade Games (and Enjoy Food and Drink, Too)

This new 'barcade' in Uptown Parade BGC lets guests dine and drink while enjoying different old school arcade games.

This new 'barcade' in Uptown Parade BGC lets guests dine and drink while enjoying different old school arcade games.

Versus Barcade is now open, serving up retro arcade games alongside cocktails and food, combining the bar with the arcade for the grown ups who want to eat, drink, and play the night away at a cool and laid back spot that reminds them about the joys of their childhood.

Versus is just on its opening week, and is situated behind Denny's in Uptown Parade. Up to this weekend it is offering the use of their gaming equipment for free for their guests who dine in.

The establishment has two floors, a smoking area, and a designated game room that houses several coin-operated entertainment like pinball machines and video games. At the bar area, there are more arcade games to choose from, and more games can be found at the second level too. Expect games like Mario Kart, Pac Man, Street Fighter, Double Dragon, and even Dig Dug (any Stranger Things fans out there?) to keep you entertained for hours in this barcade.

Versus is planning to add more video games in the future and because of the nature of everyone's competitive spirit, will possibly have special competition nights for all the gaming geeks out there.


For the hungry and thirsty, this barcade's menu is filled with game-inspired and game-themed dishes alongside drinking challenges where you can win merchandise from the establishment. Pinoy favorites like kwek kwek, chicharon bulaklak, sisig, and chicken skin are included in their appetizers menu, while main dishes include pastas and meaty mains like rib-eye steak, pork ribs, and gambas. Silog rice meals worth P200 or less are also offered for those craving for affordable breakfast comfort food.

Versus Barcade is open Monday to Saturday from 6pm onwards, and is located at the ground floor of Uptown Parade, 9th Avenue (beside Denny's and across The Palace). Follow Versus on Instagram (@versusbarcadeph) and Facebook (/VersusBarcadePH).

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