Lechon Baka and Roast Beef

GUIDE: Where to Order Lechon Baka and Roast Beef Carvings in Metro Manila

Here's where to order lechon baka and roast beef when you're craving!

If you’ve been keeping up with the food trends in recent months, then you’d definitely have already heard of Lechon Baka and have already been one of the many people who tried it out when it first went viral. And after discovering just how good and flavorful this dish is, you might also have started wondering where else you can buy a serving of lechon baka or roast beef just to compare how it fares to the other, more popular ones in the market.

Below, we’re listing down stores in Metro Manila where you can order this popular food trend:

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While they’re not the first one to introduce this dish, the release of Andok’s Litson Baka is one of the reasons why this dish became a pandemic food trend. This is priced at P352 a box, which has a generous serving of both the meaty and the fatty bits of the beef that we all love.

Order this from selected Andok’s branches, or via GrabFood.

Rico’s Lechon
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Yep! Aside from their Lechon Baboy, Rico’s Lechon also now offers Lechon Baka, which also comes in a spicy and non-spicy variant. Their juicy and tender version of the crowd-favorite is priced at P350 for the Junior Size (1-2 pax) and P1350 for the Fiesta Size (6-8 pax). Its spicy version, on the other hand, is at P380 for Junior Size and P1460 for Fiesta Size.


Order the Lechon Baka in Rico’s Lechon BGC, Tiendesitas, U.P. Town Center. It will soon be available in all Metro Manila and Cebu stores. You can order for pick-up and delivery at 0917-8147648 / 0918-8880555 / 027799-0810.

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Rico’s Lechon Now Offers Lechon Baka, starts at P350 only!

Mila’s Lechon
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Mila’s Lechon also offers lechon baka, which comes in 1/2 kilo and 1 kilo servings, perfect for small celebrations at home. A 1/2 kilo of Lechon Baka is priced at P900, while a kilo is at P1800, and it’s already good to stuff 5-8 hungry souls.

To order, you can contact the following numbers: 83719061 / 83719062 / 09059904415 / 09178473926.

Borzoi’s Lechon Baka
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Photo: Borzoi’s Lechon Baka | Facebook

Borzoi’s Lechon Baka comes in three sizes: Afforda-chon (3-5 pax): P1100; Barkada-chon (6-10 pax): P1988; Fiesta-chon (10-15 pax): P2958. However, if you’re just craving and want to enjoy a smaller portion of Lechon Baka, you can order their Rice Toppings meal for only P189.

To order, you just need to fill up their order form and send it to 09167250743. Payments can be done via BDO, GCash, and UnionBank, while delivery is via Lalamove, Grab, or Mr. Speedy.

Kraver’s Canteen
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Photo: Kraver’s Canteen | Website

Aside from Mexican and Mediterranean food, Kraver’s Canteen now also offers lechon baka. Choose between the Regular Tray (P199) which is good for 1-2 pax and the Family Tray (P399), good for 3-4 pax. These are both served on top of rice, and with meat drippings to make sure you’re getting a flavorful meal! You can also order their All Meat Tray for only P359 or their ready-to-heat lechon baka packs if you just want to enjoy Kraver’s Canteen’s version of the dish whenever and wherever you’re craving.

You can place your orders via GrabFood.

Ellie’s Roasted Calf
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Photo: Ellie’s Roasted Calf | Facebook

Ellie’s Roasted Calf is a store that’s been known for its roasted calf, which they have been offering since the 1980s. Right now, you can get Ellie’s Ready-To-Eat To-Go 500g tubs at P1100. You can also order their gourmet platters, which also have gourmet vegetables, and are priced from P1500 to P2800 depending on the size.

To order, you can send the store a message via Viber or SMS at 09178115789 or at 09178569871. Payments are via BDO, BPI, and GCash, and deliveries can be via Grab and Lalamove for Metro Manila residents.

Kuya J Restaurant
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Photo: Kuya J Restaurant | Website

Kuya J’s Lechon Baka is a unique take on the trendy dish as it’s basically a full slab of meat in a delectable barbeque sauce that will keep you wanting more. A full slab is priced at P1295, while a half slab, served with kamote fries, is priced at P485. For a full meal good to satisfy two people, you can also order a half slab with kamote fries and 2 cups of rice for only P539.

Order this via Central Delivery PH or via GrabFood and foodpanda.

Dayrit’s Burger and Roast Beef House
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Dayrit’s is a restaurant known for its burgers and roast beef, so if you’re one who happens to drop by one of their branches, make sure to not miss out on it. Their roast beef plate is priced at only P390, and it’s served with rice to make it a complete meal!

The store currently does not offer delivery, but you may arrange pick-up and pay online if you’ll be purchasing from their Magallanes branch. Simply send them an SMS via 09175910288 from 10AM to 8PM to order. If you’re buying from their SM BF branch, you can contact them at 0916248546, from 10AM to 6PM for orders.

Roast Beef Counter
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Roast Beef Counter is another shop that’s popular for their roast beef, made with a blend of spices and slow-roasted for 6-8 hours to make it extra tender and flavorful. A 100-gram roast beef is priced at P195, while a kilo of it is priced at P1195.

To order, you can visit Roast Beef Counter’s stall in Unimart Capital Commons or call them on mobile at 0956-809-0881

Carlito’s Catering
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Photo: Carlito’s Catering | Website

Carlito’s Catering is also another restaurant offering roast beef for whenever you’re craving. Their version of the dish has U.S. beef belly slow-roasted for 8 hours and topped with a red wine demiglace. You can order this dish in 3 sizes: Small (4-5 pax): P1200, Medium (8-15 pax): P2500, and Large (16-20 pax): P3500.

You can place your orders on Carlito’s Catering’s website. They currently deliver to Metro Manila and Rizal areas via their third-party delivery partners Happy Move and Mr. Speedy.

Homestream images from Carlito’s Catering and Rico’s Lechon

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