Sebastian's Valentine's Day Ice Cream Flavors are Back This February!

For years now, it has been a Sebastian's Ice Cream tradition to produce new flavors for those who are planning to eat their feelings just in time for Valentine's Day. This year is no different because they have prepared 4 flavors which will all be available throughout the month of February

Ready to try out these flavors with your ice cream-loving SO or your heartbroken best friend? We got first dibs on the 2020 Valentine's Day Ice Cream Flavors so you get an idea what to get when you visit Sebastian's! Check them out below: 

Like your ice cream fruity and boozy? Matinong Boyfriend (P145) might be The One for you! This particular flavor is a combination of dark chocolate orange ice cream, which is then infused with rum. It's also garnished with spiced candied hazelnuts for an added crunch in every spoonful. 

If Matinong Boyfriend has rum, this year's Matinong Girlfriend (P145) has Cerveza Negra. A spoonful of this ice cream gives you a hint of bitterness from the dark beer and the bittersweet chocolate-coated honey roasted peanuts. The flavor of this dessert can be like that of caramel for some and coffee for the others. 

Closure (P135) can just be your cup of tea if you're into matcha. This particular ice cream flavor is basically Genmaicha Ice Cream infused with Japanese green tea and roasted brown rice, so every spoonful gets you a good and smooth blend of the sweet and the earthy flavors of the tea. 

For the bitter ones out there, no one should really miss out on trying the classic Unresolved Issues (P90). Among all of Sebastian's V-Day ice cream flavors, this particular one stays the same every year and is always going to be a Bitter Melon sorbet with candied Ampalaya bits. This is a must-try for those who are either up for trying a unique dessert or those who just love ampalaya so much that they want it on their dessert! 

Sebastian's Valentine's Day Ice Cream flavors will be available all throughout the month of February. You can keep checking back on their Facebook page for updates. 

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