Have A Yellow Cab Wings Party This Long Weekend!

Yellow Cab Pizza Co.


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The long weekend is just around the corner and Yellow Cab is here to help you turn this mini-break into a party that is full of flavor! Non-working holidays are always something to look forward to, so when an opportunity to take a pause from the daily grind comes along, you have got to make the most out of it.

Celebrate the break with a Yellow Cab Long Weekend Wings Party! For only PHP 999, save up to PHP 166 and enjoy expertly cooked chicken wings in three new, exciting flavors, guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds: zesty Lemon Pepper, saucy Sweet Soy, and fiery Smoked Chipotle.

It gets even better when you pair these crispy and juicy wings with the edge-to-edge, meaty goodness of a 10-inch Four Seasons All Meat pizza and a cool, refreshing 1.75-liter of Mountain Dew to compliment the explosion of flavors only Yellow Cab can bring.

Now is the perfect time for you and your squad to treat yourselves to a weekend feast unlike any other.

“Yellow Cab is here to help you take advantage of the long weekend,” said Yellow Cab Marketing Head Charlene Sapina. “With our Long Weekend Wings Party bundle, you can add a little bit of flavor to your plans and easily turn this short vacation into an all-out grub session complete with your best friends and even better food.”

Celebrate the long weekend and take it up a notch with Yellow Cab’s Long Weekend Wings Party! For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/YellowCabOfficial/.

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