Kureji adds a Sizzling Twist to your Classic Ramen

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If you're tired of the usual Japanese food and seeking for something unique then Kureji should be on top of your must-try list! 

Specializing in sizzling ramen, Kureji is a new homegrown Japanese restaurant found in Ayala Vertis North's Japan Town, adding an exciting twist to your ramen experience. Kureji means crazy in Japanese, after all. At Kureji, a serving of ramen comes in stone bowls so you're certain you'll be slurping warm soup until you reach the bottom. 

Sure, the highlight of the restaurant are their special sizzling bowls, but there are also other dishes that crazy foodies will surely love. Get busy and start with a serving of Edamame Shio (P170) or Edamame Kimuchi (P220) that's laced with just enough heat and seasoning, perfect to whet your appetite while waiting for your ramen. There's also the Gyoza (P200), ramen's classic pair, which is a made fresh every day.

Edamame Kimuchi

Up for some more side dishes to pair with your ramen? The Chicken Karaage (P250) has a sweet flavor that goes well with the wasabi-mayo dip that comes with it. They also have Chicken Wings (P250) that's double fried to achieve its crispy golden brown skin while retaining its juices, available in three flavors: Soy Garlic Yuzu, Sriracha and Salt & Vinegar.

Kureji Sizzling Ramen Ayala Vertis North
Chicken Karaage
Kureji Sizzling Ramen Ayala Vertis North
Chicken Wings in Soy Garlic Yuzu

Ramen is a classic Japanese noodle soup and Kureji adds an exciting twist by serving it in a sizzling stone bowl. Chewy wheat noodles in rich chicken broth and topped with tender meat, vegetables and a soft-boiled egg. The servers will teach you on how you can best enjoy your ramen – wait for the hourglass before pouring the extra soup that comes with it, making sure that bowl isn't that hot anymore. The sizzling ramen comes in four distinct flavors: the classic Shio (P380), Shoyu (P380), Garlic Miso (P380) and the unique Tomato Seafood (P420). They also have sizzling rice bowls – Pork Chashu (P320), Gyudon (P350) and Tomato Seafood (P350) – if you want to skip on the ramen but would want the same experience. 

Miso Garlic Ramen
Tomato Seafood Ramen
Pork Chashu Rice Bowl


Kureji is located at 4/F Vertis Ginza Japan Town, Ayala Malls Vertis North, Quezon City. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram for updates.

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