Caravan Black Introduces New Brunch Food and Grain Bowls To Keep Your Coffee in Delicious Company

Caravan Black

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Caravan Black in Net Park not only serves up a good cup of coffee, but also a new line of hearty brunch fare and signature grain bowls to accompany your drinks.

It makes absolute sense that Caravan Black, a homegrown brand already known for caffeinating from their little corner in the BGC neighborhood, is extending their menu to offer a more extensive menu of noms.

Like a craving for a cup of coffee can extend from day to night, their food taps into the many different cravings one can have during the day -- breakfast meals or anything with egg to power through the morning, a hearty lunch to keep you company for lunch meetings, and luscious sweets and treats for the folks wanting to pair their cup with desserts. And yes--there are dishes that both pescetarians and vegetarians will enjoy, too, so there's a little bit of everything for all sorts of hunger and craving one can get.

Here's a look into some of their must-try dishes:

The Breakfast Biscuit: Canadian bacon sausage and cheesy egg are served on homemade buttermilk biscuit, and smothered with generous amounts of gravy.

Egg Toast with Bacon Sausage: this brunch treat does hearty and delicious right with its sourdough bread topped with fried egg, served with Canadian bacon sausage, house-made roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, and and Comer y Comic's well-spiced and chunky mustard.

Caravan Romana: simple yet satisfying spaghetti dish of sauteed sardines with house-made roasted tomatoes and garlic oil. A little lemon and dash of chili flakes rounds up each forkful real well.

Caravan Tuna Melt: the classic tuna melt sandwich gets some spunk here at Caravan, thanks to the combination of melted cheese and gochujang (Korean red chili paste)

Naked Chorizo: Good value-for-money meals at Caravan come in the form of their Signature Grain Bowls, a mix of grains like red rice and brown rice with quinoa or adlai served with different kinds of proteins and toppings. The Naked Chorizo is an easy favorite-- a bowl of house-made naked chorizo served with 7-minute egg, kimchi seasonal grain mix, citrusy kale, and house-made pickled radish. A flavor-loaded yet nutritious spin on your longganisa breakfast plate.

Smoked Salmon & Garlic Yogurt: slices of Norwegian smoked salmon top a sauteed garlic and onion grain mix, and served with 7-minute egg, garlic yogurt, house-made roasted tomatoes, and citrusy kale

Braised Asian Eggplant: Here's something meat-free but hearty and flavor-packed. Japanese eggplant and Quorn meat free grounds are cooked in a blend of soy and mirin in this  sauteed garlic and onion grain bowl, and served with 7-minute egg, house-made pickled radish, and citrusy kale.

Chickpea & Garlic Yogurt: a personal favorite among the grain bowls, which is suprising because this is also another meat free option! This grain bowl is topped with spiced chickpeas, egg, pickled radish, roasted tomatoes, shallots, and garlic yogurt. Mix everything in and make sure your big spoonful gets a little bit of everything for a flavor and texture bomb! If you don’t mind the garlicky breath, dig relentlessly into this bowl.

You can now order these dishes and many other brunch dishes at Caravan Black located at the ground level of Net Park, 4th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City. The store is open Monday to Friday 8am-10pm, Saturday 10am-9pm, and Sunday 9am-6pm. Follow Caravan Black on Instagram (@caravanblackcoffee) and Facebook (/caravanblackcoffee).

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Caravan Black

Coffee, Comfort Food

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