Matcha Madness: 12 Places For Your Green Tea Flavored Desserts in Manila

Green tea flavored anything is the new salted caramel and cookie butter, as matcha has been named by many as the trendy food for 2015.

Hot Matcha Latte by Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

Photo from Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe Instagram

Why the fuss over the finely ground, powdered treat made from Japanese green tea leaves? Matcha's charm has recently been recognized in more mainstream foodstuff, but has been long popular in Japan and China for its health benefits, as it is loaded with antioxidants that boost energy and fight cancer. It has already evolved from its traditional consumption as hot tea in Japanese tea ceremonies, as now, the modern matcha can be seen as topping and key ingredient to both savory and sweet dishes. As matcha pairs excellently with milk and sugar, many variations of green tea desserts abound--from frothy matcha beverages served both hot and cold, to cakes, pastries, frozen treats, and confectionery.

Matcha Parfait by MochiCream Café

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Wondering where you can get your matcha fix in Manila? We've rounded up 12 places serving matcha desserts in their delicious green-tinted goodness that go beyond the basic cup of tea. Check it out!


Photo from Kozui Green Tea Cafe Facebook

1. Kozui Green Tea Cafe

This cafe in Quezon City is dedicated to many green tea creations, so there are many choices for the matcha lover. To sip, there is Matcha Lemon Teaz (P85/P95), Pineapple Green Tea (P90/P100), and Zen Green Tea (P90/P100). They also have a savory take on green tea: try their Chilled Green Tea Zaru Soba (P160), which uses matcha green tea buckwheat noodles served chilled and with cold soba sauce. Kozui offers a line of Matcha Cream Korichio, a dessert beverage of matcha green tea that is ice blended and combined with different flavors and fruits, like Matcha Melon Korichio (P130/P140), Matcha Strawberry Korichio (P140/P150), and Matcha Oreo Korichio (P130/P140). Frozen Green Tea  (P80/P115/P150) is also available, if you want a low fat and guilt free serving of matcha for your meal-ender.


Photo from Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe Facebook

2. Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

Another spot in Manila that gathers green tea aficionados is Kissako in Kapitolyo, serving food and drink to make matcha addicts fall in love with their many green tea creations. For beverage, try the sweetened Green Tea (P90/12oz) or Matcha Latte served iced (P130/P160) or hot (P150). Nibble on some Matcha cookies (P40), which you can also enjoy for free with an order of their Jo-Sencha (P190) hot Japanese tea. Then move on to sweeter selections such as the Matcha roll cake, Matcha Shortcake (P170), Matcha cheesecake (P170); frozen desserts in green tea flavors include Matcha ice cream (P90), Matcha soft serve (P120), and Matcha Parfait (P195).


Photo from MochiCream Philippines Facebook

3. MochiCream Café

Another Japanese café dedicated to matcha, they serve hot and cold matcha drinks, matcha ice cream, and various Japanese breads and pastries to pair with their roasted coffee. Order their Matcha Dacquois (P170), Matcha Parfait, and authentic Japanese Green Tea Mochi (P75). Matcha levels for your drink can be customized, if you want more green tea goodness in every sip.


4. UCC Clockwork.

UCC's latest outlet boasts of third wave coffee, all-day grub, and boozier thirst-quenchers for late night libations. Desserts are still noteworthy, as in all UCC cafes in the metro. If you are a serious matcha monster, do not miss out on their stellar Thick Toast Green Tea Nutella (P340), a glorious block of matcha toast smothered in nutella, warm chocolate sauce, and served a la mode. They also offer Clairs (P250), a Japanese-style waffle crepe with ice cream you can order in Matcha flavor. To drink, UCC Clockwork. offers Matcha Latte (P170/hot, P190/ice).


Photo from Karen's Kitchen Website

5. Karen's Kitchen

Karen Young has been one of Manila's favorite bakers for many years, creating delicious cakes straight from her home in Makati that have elicited raves from many sweet-toothed customers and media. Matcha selections from Karen's Kitchen include Green Tea Frozen Brazo (8 inch square - P850, loaf - P425), Green Tea Layered Cake (8 inch square - P1,200), Green Tea Japanese Cheesecake (6 inch- P660). Order these matcha treats 2 to 3 days in advance.


Photo from J.Co Donuts & Coffee Philippines Facebook

6. J.Co Donuts & Coffee

It's been quite a while since this Indonesian brand of donuts entered our shores, yet its outlets still garner long lines, and their boxes in sunshine yellow have lit up many potucks and parties. From donuts to drinks, J.Co satisfies the green tea lover--order Donuts (P42/pc, P240/half dozen, P365/dozen) in Green Tease and Mr. Green Tea flavors, and sip on Iced Green Tea (P90/P105/P120) and Green Tea Frappe (P130/P145/P160) which are available in three sizes.


7. Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

Ramen is still a hot trend in Manila, and noodle soup aficionados have filled themselves up with hearty bowls of ramen in this restaurant, originally from Hokkaido Japan with humble beginnings in its 9-seater ramen shop. But if you do love your green tea, leave some space for their matcha desserts. They offer scoops of Matcha Ice Cream (P90), a moist Matcha Roll Cake (P220), and Yomogi Shiratama Azuki Mix Ice (P200) that comes with green Yomogi rice-flour dumplings and red bean with your matcha ice cream.


Photo from St. Marc Cafe Facebook

8. St. Marc Cafe

Famous for their freshly baked, crisp and sweet Choco Cro, St. Marc Cafe offers frozen desserts, drinks, and also a croissant laced with the flavors of green tea. The limited edition Choco Cro Marble (P60) is a croissant filled with white chocolate and matcha flavored chocolate; for a cooler treat, there's the Ice Kacang dessert in Matcha Milk (P230). To drink, order Iced or Hot Matcha Latte (P130/P150/P170). More matcha is present in their other offerings like the Classic Fuji (P230), a danish served ala mode and dusted with matcha powder, and the Espresso Jelly (P200) that combines vanilla ice cream, coffee jelly, and matcha ice cream.


Photo from Cupcake Lab Website

9. Cupcake Lab

While red velvets, cookie butter, and chocolatey flavors reign supreme in the cupcake category, matcha lovers should bite into Cupcake Lab's creation made especially for them. The Green Tea Cupcake (P90) is a matcha green tea cupcake topped with white chocolate soy ganache. A delightful surprise is its red bean paste center once you sink your teeth into this moist cupcake.


10. Mecha Uma

Leave it to a young culinary genius to amaze discriminating palates from amuse-bouche to dessert in his playground, Mecha Uma. Bruce Rickett's passion project in collaboration with The Moment Group's founders has been garnering stellar feedback, with its unique tasting and à la carte dinners. Japanese influences in his dishes are harmonious, including Mecha Uma's ala carte dessert deliciously incorporating matcha. Order their warm and gooey Chocolate Cake (P195), where a slice reveals its matcha lava with condensed milk, an absolute treat to devour with the rice ice cream that is served alongside.

Photo from The Bald Baker Instagram

11. The Bald Baker

This creative baker (and yes, he is really bald) was a crowd favorite in 2014's food bazaars Best Food Forward and Yuletide Yummies. For a newcomer at the homebaking scene, The Bald Baker has been creating dreamy cookies in that now signature chewy, sticky, and cake-like profile. One of his newer flavors is the Black Sesame Matchallows (P65/piece), and a big bite of this matcha treat gives you sweetness from white chocolate chips, the chewy goodness of melted marshmallows, and a crisp nuttiness of the roasted sesame seeds.


Photo from Scout's Honor Facebook

12. Scout's Honor

This new cookie haven at Hole In The Wall, Century City Mall has all sorts of hungry cookie monsters lining up for their freshly baked craft cookies. The craft cookie shop also boasts of flavored craft milk and ice cream, and if you want a cookie fix in a jiffy, ready-made cookies in assorted flavorsare available. Try their their best-selling cookie: Matcha Sesame (P95), a crunchy matcha and milk chocolate chip cookie sandwich with black sesame filling. Craving for more matcha? Wash it down with some Matcha flavored Craft Milk (P110) available in whole milk and non-fat milk.


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