Everyday Fry Day: 15 French Fries Places in Metro Manila

It's T.G.I. Fry-Day.

Will you look at that: crispy batons of carbohydrates, bodies glowing golden, courtesy of a deep-fried finish. Where these fried potato treats came from originally is being argued by the French and Belgians. Worldwide, munching this comfort food snack appeases the hungry--no contest or argument here, the foodies win.

French Fries are sometimes sliced slim and thin; other times, they're sliced in thicker pieces as fat as a finger for that mealy bite. Depending wherever you are in the world, and the thickness of these potato treats, they can be called fries or chips. Whatever way you wish to call it (we'll refer to them as fries in this article), the French Fries are an awesome snack to share as-is or with a smattering of condiments and toppings and dips both traditional and modern; it's also a staple side to pair with your protein of choice--be it a burger, hotdog, steak, fried chicken, battered fish, etc.

In this edition of The Click List, we present to you 15 places found all over Metro Manila for your next French fries binge -- from budget and all-time faves, to restaurants serving it with new flavors and messy-fun toppings. Did we miss out on your favorite place to get flavorful and creative French fries? Hit the comments section to share to us your fry finds!


1. Potato Corner

We start our list with the veteran of French fries in the metro, of course. You've most likely enjoyed their flavored fries during your childhood--they've been around for 20 years, and have expanded their brand abroad. Potato Corner uses 100% Idaho potatoes that are cooked in vegetable oil with zero Trans fat. They've introduced creative flavors in the past like vanila, curry, and wasabi. Aside from your usual sour cream-barbecue-cheese trio of flavors, currently they offer others like Chili BBQ, Chocolate (dessert fries!), and Italian Parmesan.

Order: Large - P48, Jumbo - P79, Mega- P99, Giga- P169, Tera- P199, Trio- P70 (three flavors), Cheezy Fries- P80,  Loopy Fries - P75


Photo from NYFD's Facebook Page 


Short for New York Fries and Dips, NYFD started in 2003 as an American-themed fries joint that in the begining was offering only fries paired with assorted dips. Now they offer their fried Idaho Russet potatoes in more ways and dips, and expanded their food offerings to include breakfast meals, pastas, shakes, sandwiches, and hotdogs.

Order: Regular with 1 Dip - P60, Large with 2 Dips - P80, Grande with 2 Dips -  P100, Giant with 3 Dips - P140, Chili Fries N' Cheese - P65, Bacon N' Cheese - P65, Herbed Garlic N' Cheese - P65


Photo from McDonald's Philippines Facebook Page

3. McDonald's

'Eyes on your fries!' this fast food chain reminds us. McDo's World Famous Fries is your quickest fries fix in the metro since a branch is bound to be within walking distance wherever you are in Manila--and if you're lazy to move, they deliver. With their introduction of a supersized packaging in the BFF Fries and the Limited Edition World Cup packaging in colorful variants, McDo always keeps their fries shaking--and more shaking can be enjoyed in three of their Shake Shake Fries variants (Kickin' Ketchup, Three Cheese, BBQ). Oh, if only their Twister Fries were served as a regular menu item...

Order: Fries (P29 Regular, P49 Medium, P59 Large), BFF Fries - P105, Shake Shake Fries - P60


Photo from Fruitas Facebook Page

4. Friends Fries

Fans of puns will love bumping into a stall of Friends Fries. Conceptualized by the  Fruitas Group of Companies, the brand was established to give a healthy twist to the snack by offering baked crispy potatoes (baked fries are 'friendlier' to your tummy!), if customers do not prefer deep-fried. Their stalls can be found in selected Puregold and SM City branches, and they also have outlets in Davao,  Zamboanga, and Cebu. You can enjoy their friendlier fries in cheese, sour cream, plain salted, and BBQ.

Order: Solo - P25, BFF - P45, Trio - P75, Group - P75, Team - P115, Friendship - P160


5. Eat my G.F.

Just so you know, 'GF' here simply refers to garlic fries, a San Franciscan snack now made available in the metro by owner Kim Cariaso. The quirkily-named food stall turned full resto (visit the San Juan branch!) offers luscious garlic fries (also available as chips) that will make the bravest vampires quiver: tossed in fresh minced garlic, riddled with specks of parsley, and showered with Parmesan cheese. Pair the fries with their selection of sausages and burgers.

Order: Original GF (P89 Regular, P169 Large), Fat GF (thicker fries; P99 Regular, P195 Large), Put Meat on your GF (add P36)


Photo from Munchtown Food Strip Facebook Page

6. Munchtown Food Strip

Love your fries loaded with lots of flavorful toppings? You're in for a treat because Chef Robby Goco headlines this store in Greenhills with a line of gourmet fries! Munch Town is located near the Promenade cinemas, making their fries the perfect movie house grub. Think poutine (a Canadian classic topped with gravy and cheese curd), cheesy fries, chili con carne fries--even fries with truffle, blue cheese, and topped with beef brisket, pulled pork, bacon, and chicken liver! At Munchtown, the humble fries are upgraded to an extra flavorful, filling meal.

Order:  Poutine - P160, Cheese Fries - P125, Chili Fries - P135, Chili and Cheese Fries - P165, Munchtown Fries - P195, Jalapeño Fries - P135, Black Truffle Fries - P195, Blue Cheese Fries - P195, Parmesan Fries - P125, Irish Nachos - P185, Irish Nachos with Chili - P280


Photo from BRGR Project Facebook Page

7. BRGR Project

From the popular DIY burger joint in QC and Makati comes a trio of 'Designr Fries' perfect for pairing a jucy burger with. You can choose your fries to be smothered with the flavors of chili con carne and cheese, truffle paste, or go 'animal' with a combo of onions, garlic, special BRGR sauce, cheese sauce and cheddar cheese. Messy-good French fries fun.

Order: Animal Style - P135, Truffle Fries - P165, Chilli Cheese - P145


8. Pablo's Pub

This Pub and Restaurant in Forum BGC is known for their hunky half pounder burgers. They even have a day dedicated to it, Burger Tuesdays, where they offer it on buy-one take-one from noon to midnight. Pair them with their crisp, homemade French fries that come either dusted with Spanish paprika or drizzled with truffle oil. Remember what we said about fries and meat pairing? Works with their burgers amazingly.

Order: Paprika Fries - P170, Truffle Fries - P290


Photo from Brasas Facebook Page

9. Brasas

Columbian Chef Nathaly whips up a flavorful food tour around Latin America in this restaurant. One of their best sellers is the Carne Asada wrap - its filling is meat sliced very thinly, marinated in cilantro lime and other spices, and then charcoal-grilled. You can have the Carne Asada as a wrap in two sizes, as a rice meal, and with their large-cut fries. The French fries order is topped with a special chili, chopped Carne Asada, Monterey Jack cheese, tomato salsa, and sour cream. Delicioso!

Order: Carne Asada Fries (P160 Single, P300 Sharing)


10. The Hungry Hound Pub + Kitchen / Niner Ichi Nana

The Globe Tower in BGC houses side by side a gastropub serving pub fare with an unexpected twist, and a craft cocktail bar which strays from convention and purely exudes fun. Both Hound and Niner serve their ever so famous fries that have fast become an iconic bar snack. Cooked in duck fat and flavoured with pimenton dulce, rosemary, garlic, and parmesan, the fries are crisp on the outside and bursting with flavour.

Order: Duck Fat Fries (P288)


Photo from Shine Bakery & Cafe's Instagram

11. Shine Bakery & Cafe

Located inside SM Aura, Shine is a colorful cafe with playful interiors. They offer and are known for savory dishes and luscious desserts, as behind the food and bakery are owners Chef Rob and Sunshine Pengson. One of their best-selling products is an appetizer. It's their signature take on fries guaranteed to leave a flavor bomb in your mouth in every bite: homemade potato French fries loaded with Parmesan, pimenton, sesame nori, and Kentucky bourbon aioli.

Order: Umami Fries (P250)


12. The Perfect Pint

This BGC restaurant introduces local homemade brews and excellent food and beer pairings to the hungry and thirsty lot. Pair some cold brewski with their truffle oil-braised frites, and dip them into the tasty truffle-infused mayonnaise.

Order: Truffle Fries (P200)


13. Army Navy Burger + Burrito

This fast casual food joint is top of mind whenever one is hankering for a no-fuss meal of juicy burgers and meaty burritos. Aside from this delicious duo, they're pretty popular for their LiberTea iced tea, their crispy Fearless Fried Chicken, and french fries they call Freedom Fries--sliced thinly and seasoned for a zesty and crisp experience.

Order: Freedom Fries (P75)


14. Main Street

We don't have much restaurants showcasing Canadian cuisine in Metro Manila, so a trip to McKinley Hill to visit Main Street is a great and tasty start to our local palate's education on Canadian comfort food. Poutine is available in this restaurant--it's a Canadian staple snack of fries served in beef gravy and cheese cubes. A lip-smacking dish that simply oozes comfort and joy.

Order: Poutine (P145)


Photo from Mama Lou's Kitchen Facebook Page

15. Mama Lou's Kitchen

This southside restaurant, now with two branches in BF Homes and NUVALI, is known for their Italian comfort food such as pizzas and pastas. A Canadian appetizer makes an appearance on their menu: the poutine. Their version of the fries is topped with brown gravy and mozzarella cheese. Adding bacon to these fries is an option at Mama Lou's--and bacon in anything can only make this more delicious (always better with bacon, they say).

Order: Poutine - P160 (add P35 for bacon)

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