Let's Get Loud: Your Ultimate Guide to KTV Bars and Videoke Party Rates in Manila

If we were to list the favorite pastimes of the Filipinos, singing karaoke would easily snag a spot in the Top 5 (eating, texting, social networking, and watching TV listed are the other four). This interactive machine-- usually a set of TV, microphone, and music player-- has become an icon in the Filipino culture. It’s now considered a household good and a quintessential entertainment for all kinds of occasions. Karaoke, or videoke to the younger ones, has bonded people together, launched careers, roused neighborhood disputes, and even allegedly instigated murders (that is, if the ‘My Way’ curse were to be believed).

While there’s no denying the karaoke’s popularity among Filipinos, not many of its users know about its controversial history. Karaoke (in Japanese: empty + orchestra) was said to be invented by Daisuke Inoue in 1971. However, the exclusive rights to the Karaoke Sing Along System is with Roberto del Rosario, a Filipino musician and inventor who got the patent in 1975. The two fought in a lawsuit; Del Rosario won. It wasn’t a total defeat for Inoue though. He was recognized by Time Magazine as one of the "Most Influential Asians of the Century" and was awarded the Ig Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 for his invention.

Karaoke's history may be foggy but one thing's clear: Pinoys love it. So for this week's Click List, we've rounded up the places where you can belt out your favorite tunes amidst cheering friends and family. Prepare your Most Requested Song lists, grab the microphone, and sing your heart out at Manila's most popular family KTV restaurants.

Music 21 Plaza Family KTV and Restaurant
Branches: Pasay, Makati, Malate, Timog, Alabang
Operating Hours: 12:00 NN to 5:00 AM daily
Rate per hour: P84 per head per hour
Packages and Promos:
a.)     Barkada Party Package (P2,200 net) – 3 hours room use and food and drinks for 5 persons
b.)     Food and Drink Party Package (P3,500 net) – 3 hours room use and food and drinks for 10 persons
Reservation: Online, through this form: http://www.music21plaza.ph/contact-us/, or by phone: Pasay +632 852-1524 or +632 851-1196, Makati +632 896-4261 or +632 890-5230, Malate +632 522-6935 or +632 522-5941, Timog +632 371-6531 or +632 371-7856, Alabang +632 478-1685 or +632 519-6096

Photos from Music 21's Facebook page.

Music Platinum Family KTV and Restaurant
Branches: Bel-Air, Makati and Metrowalk, Pasig
Operating Hours: Open from 11AM to 4AM
Rate per hour: P600 per hour (max 10 Persons), P700 per hour (max 15 persons)
Packages and Promos:
a.    P5,000 per hour- inclusive of Food (Choose one from the Set Menu Package), Drinks and Room Charge (max of 6 persons)
b.    P6,500 per hour - inclusive of Food (Choose one from the Set Menu Package), Drinks and Room Charge (max of 10 persons)
c.     P8,500 per hour - inclusive of Food (Choose one from the Set Menu Package), Drinks and Room Charge (max of 15 persons)
Reservation: Call Metrowalk, Pasig +632 706-2736 or Bel-Air, Makati +632 890-3060 to reserve.

CenterStage Family KTV and Restaurant
Branches: Pasay, Makati, Quezon City
Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday – 3PM to 4AM; Friday to Saturday – 3PM to 5AM; Sunday – 12PM to 2AM (Pasay only) and 5PM to 2AM (Quezon City and Makati)
Basic Rates: Timog Regular Room (P150 per hour, good for 2 to 4 persons); Makati Small Room (P250 per hour, maximum of 6 persons), Pasay Small Room (P250 per hour, maximum of 6 persons)
Packages and Promos: Karaoke Junkie Package (P2,500 net) – pica-pica, drinks, 3 hours of room use for 5 persons
Reservation: Reserve by filling out this online form: http://www.centerstage.com.ph/locations/

Photo from CenterStage's Facebook page.

Red Box Karaoke
Branches: Eastwood, Greenbelt 3, Trinoma, Ayala Center Cebu
Operating Hours: 12NN to 3AM, except in Trinoma (12NN to 12MN)
Rate per hour:
Packages and Promos:
Reservation: Online http://www.redbox.com.ph/reservations/ or by phone: Greenbelt: +632 757-6188, Eastwood: +632 355-7921, Trinoma: +632 901-8833, Cebu: +632 417-1675

Red Box

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Photos from Red Box's website

Music Match Family KTV
Branches: Tomas Morato, Macapagal, Ortigas
Basic Rates: P150 per hour (Macapagal and Tomas Morato branches, max 5 people), P250 per hour (Ortigas branch, max 5 people)
Reservation: Tomas Morato +632 927-7051, +632 927-8531, and +63922 880-2221, Macapagal +632 556-1295 to 96, and +63922 880-2218, Ortigas +632 470-2745, and +63922 880-2373

Music Match

Photos from Music Match's Facebook

Party Party KTV
6th Flr. Ace Water Spa Bldg. Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Operating Hours: 5PM -1AM
Basic Rates (minimum of 2 hours; non-consumable):
Small room (maximum of 10 persons): P500 per hour, per person
Big Room (maximum of 20 persons): P1,000 per hour, per person
VIP room (maximum of 20 persons): P1,500 per hour, per person
Packages and Promos: Group Package (P2,000) – inclusive of 3 hours room use by maximum of 10 people plus food and beverage for 5 people
Reservation: Call +632 462-8211 to 12 (5PM to 1AM) or +632 451-1111 loc 5202 to 5203 (9AM to 4PM)

Party Party

Photos from Party Party's Facebook

Good Times Family KTV
Level 3, Unit 3A&3B, The Fort Strip, 7th Ave., cor. 26th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Operating Hours: 5PM to 2AM
Rates: 2 hours of room use is at P299 per person. Pay P99 per succeeding hour. Their P499 per hour room is good for up to four (4) persons.
Packages and Promos:
Reservation Phone no: +632 624-6332, +632 478-7795, +632 519-9880, +63917 568-7877
Reservation E-mail: wgmgoodtimes@gmail.com

Good Times' Rates

Photos from Good Times' Facebook

Karaoke Republic
35 Timog Ave., Quezon City (beside Sir Williams Hotel and infront of BPI Family Savings Bank).
Operating Hours: 3PM to 4AM
Basic Rates: Pay P40 per hour per person from 3PM to 7PM. Add P60 per hour per person (Sunday to Thursday) or P80 (Friday and Saturday) from 7PM onwards.
Packages and Promos: P2,095- 3 hours room use and food and beverage for 5 persons.
Reservation: For reservations, call +632 352-1290 or +632 352-3994

Karaoke Republic

Photos from Karaoke Republic's Facebook

Megapro Family KTV Room and Restaurants
Kamagong Street, Makati City
Rate per hour: P350 for a room good for 5 to 7people, P400 for a room good for 10 people, P500 for a room good for 15 people
Packages and Promos:
P2000: 3 hours room use and food and drinks for 5 to 7 persons
P3600: 3 hours room use and food and drinks for 10 persons
P7200: 3 hours room use and food and drinks for 20 persons
Reservation: For reservation text name, date, time and number of persons to +63939 651-9643 or +63916 606-1815

Top Grill Makati
Eurocrest Bldg., Jupiter, Makati
Operating Hours: 24 hours
Rates: P75 per hour (non consumable)
2 hours consumable – P218 per person (Sundays to Tuesdays); P280 per person (Wednesdays to Saturdays)
3 hours consumable – P365 per person (Sundays to Tuesdays); P445 per person (Wednesdays to Saturdays)
Reservation: Call +632 751-9142


Did we miss your favorite KTV Restaurant? Recommend the best in the comments section so we can add it to the list.

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