Here’s What to Expect at the CCP’s NeoFilipino Online

Dance meets other art forms once again in NeoFilipino!

The choreographers’ initiative, NeoFilipino, archives the political realities of our time and illustrates the pulse of the Filipino people during this time of narrowing democratic space through the art forms they know best– dance in collaboration with visual arts, film, music, and theater.

The CCP Choreographers Series is a platform of three dance programs with three levels of choreographic achievement, supporting the choreographers’ artistic growth.

It starts with, a competition for promising new choreographers; followed by Koryolab, a showcase of experimental dance pieces by mid-career choreographers; and lastly comes NeoFilipino, a platform where well-established choreographers can create and stage their works in collaboration with artists from other art forms.

With the new normal, NeoFilipino showcases what the body can write and say through the screens in order to allow the Filipino audience to experience dance and storytelling in their homes virtually.

The event will take place from October 28 to 30 at the CCP YouTube channel.

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