Filipino Dance Talent in Setouchi Trienalle 2016

Daloy Dance Company flies to Japan to present 'Unearthing' this coming July 22-31 for Asian Performing Arts Market at the prestigious Setouchi Triennale 2016.

'This is a work-in-development first seen in Karnabal Festival: Social and Performance Innovations in 2015, and we are grateful for the showing in Dance.MNL Festival at the CCP last June. For its run in Japan this July, we hope to attract producers and festival organizers who could help us develop the work  further until it reaches its final output.', said Torrado in the talk-back after Unearthing in Dance.MNL Festival.

Unearthing by Ea Torrado and Daloy Dance Company explores the profound entanglements of the carnal and the spiritual. An experiment in transcendence from the physical to more vulnerable states of inner being (loób), the three-person piece uses movement as a form of attunement to a deeper inward contact. 

Inspired by Somatics, trance improvisation,and contemporary practices of Babaylan philosophy, Daloy dance artists Buboy Raquitico, Zyda Baaya, and Ea Torrado transcend conventional dance-making and performance through chanting and intuitive movement. The music and chanting by Anjeline de Dios, Kulintang and percussions by Tusa Montes and award-winning lights by designer Katsch Catoy envelop the piece in a powerful and uninhibited setting.

In expanding the inner space of loób, the three bodies reanimate the consciousness-shifting modality of the Babaylan—the pre-colonial shamanic priestesses of the Philippine islands. Unearthing transforms performance into community ritual, foregrounding the social being as a sacred being.

Unearthing premiered at the 2015 Karnabal Festival: Social and Performance Innovations. Wanggo Gallaga of the Manila Bulletin writes that the piece showcases Daloy's distinct orientation “away from the conventional idea of what contemporary dancing is expected to be. Unafraid to explore awkward shapes or deal with simplistic narratives, the Daloy Dance Company presses forward in their offering of a very different kind of contemporary dance show for the Filipino audience.”

'Unearthing' in Setouchi Trienalle is supported by Japan Foundation Manila, FILOz Contemporary Dance Theatre, The PARC Foundation, Music Artes Inc., Erehwon Arts Center.

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