Crime and Investigation | Crime and Investigation

Today, January 22
05:20 am Partners In Crime S1
06:15 am Fatal Vows S2
07:10 am See No Evil S1
08:05 am Elizabeth Smart: Autobiography
09:25 am Asia's Underworld S1
09:55 am 24 To Life S1
10:50 am Partners In Crime S1
11:45 am CI Asia: Marked By A Rapist
12:40 pm Fatal Vows S2
01:35 pm The Haunting Of S4
02:35 pm The Haunting Of S6
03:30 pm CI Asia: Marked By A Rapist
04:25 pm Elizabeth Smart: Autobiography
05:45 pm Live PD: Police Patrol S1
06:15 pm See No Evil S1
Tonight, January 22
07:10 pm Cold Case Files
08:05 pm Undercover Asia S3
09:00 pm Born To Kill? S4
09:55 pm The First 48 S19
10:50 pm The Eleven S1
11:45 pm Fatal Vows S2
Tomorrow, January 23
12:40 am Born To Kill? S4
01:35 am The First 48 S19
02:30 am The Haunting Of S4
03:30 am Cold Case Files
04:25 am The Eleven S1
05:20 am Undercover Asia S3