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Prime Video Unveils February 2024 Lineup: TV Shows & Movies

Prime Video's February 2024 lineup promises an eclectic mix of compelling TV shows and blockbuster movies to captivate audiences throughout the month.

Get ready to mark your calendars because Prime Video has just unveiled its lineup for February 2024, and it’s packed with an exciting array of TV shows and movies that are sure to keep you entertained all month long. From gripping dramas to laugh-out-loud comedies, there’s something for everyone in this month’s lineup.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith
February 2, 2024

Two lonely strangers land a job working for a mysterious spy agency that offers them a glorious life of espionage, wealth, world travels and a dream brownstone in Manhattan. The catch: new identities in an arranged marriage as Mr. & Mrs. John and Jane Smith. Now hitched, John and Jane navigate a high risk mission every week while also facing a new relationship milestone. Their complex cover story becomes even more complicated when they catch real feelings for each other. What’s riskier, espionage or marriage?

February 9, 2024

Ana (Camila Mendes) is an ambitious intern dreaming of a career in the art world while trying to impress her demanding boss Claire (Marisa Tomei). When she’s upgraded to first class on a work trip, she meets handsome Will (Archie Renaux), who mistakes Ana for her boss– a white lie that sets off a glamorous chain of events, romance and opportunity, until her fib threatens to surface.

Five Blind Dates
February 13, 2024

Twenty-something Lia is stuck. Faced with her failing traditional Chinese tea shop inherited from her beloved grandma, and the prospect of attending her younger sister’s impending wedding single and alone, she is reluctantly gifted with a prophecy – the fate of her shop and her love life are intertwined, and the secret lies in one of her next five dates. Under pressure from her family, Lia agrees to be set up with five different suitors. With her best friend Mason by her side, will Lia find herself (and love), or risk disappointing those she loves the most and losing the business she has put her whole life into.

Five Breakups and A Romance
February 14, 2024

Lance (Alden Richards) and Justine (Julia Montes) meet at a concert in Singapore. Their best friends are lovers who then introduce them. They gravitated towards each other and had a one-night stand. What’s supposed to be a casual fling becomes a romance when Lance pursues Justine.


The film tracks the eight-year relationship via the five break-ups they experience. The story is structured into five acts, with each act as a slice of the couple’s lives.

This Is Me…Now: A Love Story
February 16, 2024

This Is Me…Now: A Love Story is like nothing you’ve ever seen from Jennifer Lopez. Alongside director Dave Meyers, Jennifer has created a narrative-driven cinematic odyssey, steeped in mythological storytelling and personal healing. Dropping in tandem with her first studio album in a decade, this genre-bending Amazon original showcases her journey to love through her own eyes. With fantastical costumes, breathtaking choreography, and star-studded cameos, this panorama is an introspective retrospective of Jennifer’s resilient heart.

Apartment 404
February 23, 2024

Apartment404 is a retro reality-variety program that stars Yu Jae Seok, Cha Tae Hyun, Oh Na Ra, Yang Se Chan, Jennie, and Lee Jung Ha. The show is set in an apartment building where the six residents trace the truth behind extraordinary events that occur in their residences. With events based on true stories, each episode will have a unique setting and take place in a different period. The 6 cast members will split up into 2 teams, along with special guests, and compete against one another. At the end of the series, one person will be crowned the winner of the show.

The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy
February 23, 2024

The  Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy follows Dr. Sleech and Dr. Klak–aliens, best friends, and intergalactically renowned surgeons—as they tackle anxiety-eating parasites, illegal time loops, and deep-space STIs. In Season One, doctors Sleech and Klak take on a highly dangerous and potentially groundbreaking case and, in doing so, put existence itself in jeopardy. Although considering their dismal personal lives, oblivion might be an improvement. The series stars Stephanie Hsu, Keke Palmer, Kieran Culkin, Sam Smith, Maya Rudolph, and Natasha Lyonne.

Reina Roja (Red Queen)
February 29, 2024

With an IQ of 242, Antonia Scott is officially the smartest person on Earth. Her intelligence made her the “Red Queen” of a secret and experimental police project, but what seemed like a gift became a curse, and she ended up losing everything. When the son of a powerful tycoon is found gruesomely murdered and the daughter of Spain’s wealthiest man is kidnapped, the Red Queen organization is set in motion. Mentor, Antonia’s former boss, turns to Jon Gutiérrez, a hot-tempered Basque cop on the verge of being expelled from the force, to reactivate Antonia. The twisted cat-and-mouse game in which Jon and Antonia become entangled in during the investigation helps them discover that they admire and complement each other almost as much as they irritate each other. Red Queen is a haunting thriller set in Madrid, a city that plays a central role to the story, and combines the urgency and action of the investigation with the juicy and witty chemistry between its two main characters.

With such a diverse and compelling lineup, February 2024 is shaping up to be an exciting month for Prime Video subscribers. Whether you’re in the mood for a thrilling new series or a classic film, Prime Video has you covered. So grab your popcorn, settle in, and get ready to dive into a month of unforgettable entertainment.

Stay tuned to Prime Video on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest updates and surprises. February 2024 on Prime Video is not just about entertainment; it’s an exploration of diverse stories and experiences. Don’t miss out on this captivating lineup!

For the latest on what’s streaming, follow Prime Video on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. This February, get ready for a whirlwind of emotions, excitement, and entertainment, exclusively on Prime Video.

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