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Get Ready to Fall Head Over Heels for “Doona!” on Netflix, Premiering October 20th

Prepare for a heartfelt exploration of young love’s fervor with "Doona!" on October 20, only on Netflix.

Mark your calendars, folks, because October 20th is the date you’ve been waiting for! The official release date for Doona! has finally dropped, and it’s causing ripples of excitement across the globe. This romantic series is gearing up to be the most talked-about love story of the year, and we can’t wait to dive into its enchanting world on Netflix.

Created by the brilliant mind behind “Crash Landing On You,” Lee Jung-hyo, “Doona!” is a captivating journey that follows the intertwining destinies of Lee Won-jun, a college student, and the mysterious ex-K-Pop sensation, Lee Doona, as they navigate the ups and downs of life in a shared living space.

Get ready to be swept off your feet as Suzy, acclaimed for her roles in “Start-Up” and “While You Were Sleeping,” takes on the role of Doona, the former idol. Alongside her, Yang Se-jong, known for his stellar performance in “Dr. Romantic,” steps into the shoes of Won-jun, bringing depth and authenticity to the characters. With Suzy’s impressive credentials as both a K-pop sensation and a seasoned actress, the anticipation for this series is sky-high.

The trailer for “Doona!” teases a romantic saga like no other. In the enchanting setting of a shared house, we witness Doona’s post-idol life intersect with the determined Won-jun. As Doona’s candid emotions cast a spell on the perplexed Won-jun, Lee Jung-hyo’s masterful direction promises an enthralling and heartwarming journey for viewers.

The teaser posters, adorned with Doona and Won-jun’s magnetic chemistry, provide a glimpse into their captivating bond. With lines like, “What goes on in that mind of yours? I’m dying to know,” and “But don’t fall for me either,” the tension between them is palpable. Won-jun’s evident curiosity is beautifully captured in his words: “What if I still like you and miss you?”


So, brace yourselves for a heartfelt exploration of the fiery passion of young love. “Doona!” is set to premiere on October 20th, and you can catch all the magic exclusively on Netflix.

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