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Doctor Sleep

R-13 | 2 hrs 31 min
Warner Bros. Pictures
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    Giving it 5 out 5 stars.

    If you loved The Haunting of Hill House and The Shining then you will definitely enjoy this movie. It has better character development than The Shining and it captures the feels (shots and sounds) of the original. It doesn’t rely on cheap scares; this is old school eerie and suspense. The plot is a fitting conclusion to the story that started in the Overlook hotel. Plus Ewan McGregor and Rebecca Fergusson did justice to their eccentric roles.

    Love the Story Amazing Visual Effects Nail-biting Thriller

    "Doctor Sleep" turned out into something I didn't expect as it went a different direction but gotten really satisfied. It's a worthy successor of "The Shining" that didn't disappoint at all. Glad I watched the original first as I appreciated this better and some little details made more sense. Hindi na sya horror movie but more like creepy fantasy thriller, good versus evil. Tunggalian ng mga intense psychics! McGregor is consistent as always but it's the beautiful Rebecca Ferguson as the leader of the True Knot stealing the show. One of the best disturbed villains ever! Jacob Tremblay had this one heartbreaking yet harrowing scene that I will never ever forget as it's too difficult to watch. Nakakapanghina ng tuhod! Huhuh.

    Love the Story Nail-biting Thriller Thought-Provoking

    Doctor Sleep sequel to The Shining (1980)

    - Character-driven story
    - Rose the Hat & True Knot a group of villain meron story kung bakit nila ginawa dapat gawin
    - Horror elements mostly galing sa characters - trauma/their actions/supernatural (not much sa entity)
    - Not common horror movie since naka focus siya character than monster/ghost/haunted house lore
    - Lastly - THAT ONE SCENE pwede mga yari In Real Life

    - Wag mo expect ito like The Nun/Truth Dare/BirdBox

    Love the Story Nail-biting Thriller Superb Cast

    I am able to understand clearly now The Shining. This movie is so good with superb cast.

    Love the Story Fun and Enjoyable

    1 word.... FRESH

    Love the Story Nail-biting Thriller Superb Cast

    Enjoyed this movie a lot! My wife is not a fan of horror movies but she liked it a lot even though there were scenes too scary for her. Great story built from the original "The Shining" movie. No need to watch the original movie, you just need to understand the term "shining", and you'll be able to appreciate and enjoy this one.

    Love the Story Nail-biting Thriller

    If you loved The Shining you sure don’t wanna miss this. Love this sequel, the story and great effects for the Overlook Hotel.

    Love the Story Amazing Visual Effects Nail-biting Thriller