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PG | 1 hr 50 min
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    OA lang ang critic na hindi maka-relate. LOL. Yeah, it's bad but it's not that horrible. I enjoyed it a lot.

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    Oh, yeah.....this was BAD. But it was also kind of good.

    The soundtrack isn't really one to remember (with the exception of the infamous "Memory" sung by Jennifer Hudson) and though the choreography was "interesting" at times, it wasn't half bad. I also really liked the new song "Beautiful Ghosts". But Taylor Swift sings it so much better than Francesca Hayward, no offense to her (Francesca is a fantastic dancer though).

    Out of all the cast, I'd say Idris Elba's performance was the best. Everyone else was okay.

    The movie is so bad that it's almost funny. And even though it was bad, I ended up enjoying it for the "beautiful" work of art that it is.

    Ending on a sour note (SPOILER WARNING): James Corden broke his ****.

    Magical Hilarious Love the Soundtrack

    Naiyak ako sa movie nito. Dapat to pangsupalpal sa mga plastic at judger sa kapwa nila. Dapat kilalanin mo muna yung tao at wag mag base kung ano man ang sinasabi ng iba!

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    I watched "Cats" out of pure curiosity as this was one of the worst reviewed by audience and heavily panned by critics so I've already prepared myself to what I'm about to witness. Hahah! I loved Tom Hooper's Les Miserables but this musical is really ridiculous in all levels! Truly an awful experience! I guess they should've kept this an animated musical instead of utilizing that awkward facial CGIs. Creepy distracting! I'm only giving +1 for Haywards's promising performace as she dances beautifully and that Skimbleshanks' tap dancing musical sequence. The A-list ensemble wasn't able to save this sorry excuse. Well, it's not their fault malay ba nila how they would end up looking in the final cut of the movie. I recommend you to see how horrible this is. Cringefest disaster! Hahah!


    If you are a cat lover, you would enjoy this movie. It portrays different types of cats, their habits and characters. If you own a cat, you will definitely enjoy this one!

    To all the haters out there, why so serious? No one should take this movie seriously. It’s meant to be weird because Cats don’t actually talk, sing and dance, right?

    For those who haven’t seen the movie and is a curious cat like I am, watch it without any expectations. You might just like it. *cross paws*

    Fun and Enjoyable Amazing Visual Effects

    Skip this movie do not suport it. i fell alseeo


    The show was fantastic. For me, as a musical/theatre fan, it was a purrfect live-action. Don't care about someone else's bad review but it was really AWESOME. Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Jason Derulo, and Francesca nailed it! 4.3/5

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    Boring movie