Now Serving: Over 100 Restaurants and Counting

Mobile Ordering on ClickTheCity Lifestyle App now has over 100 merchants.

Barely 2 months after its launch, the number of restaurants available on the Mobile Ordering function of the ClickTheCity Lifestyle App has reached over 100!

Tap away to order good eats from over 100 restaurants

Users now have a wider food selection such as Traditional Filipino dishes, American fast food, and Chinese, Thai and Italian cuisines among several others. With the unlimited number of delivery addresses that can be saved, users can feed their appetite wherever they are.

“We have been receiving positive feedback from our users since the launch. And we’re very grateful to all our users for their continued support to ClickTheCity. The Mobile Ordering function was really created to complete the user experience and we’re glad that they have enjoyed this new addition to the app,” says Bea Acosta, Product Head of the ClickTheCity Lifestyle App. “Since the launch, we have received orders from Rizal, Bulacan, Laguna, Cebu, Davao and Boracay among others. And we’re looking forward to reaching more orders outside Metro Manila,” adds Acosta.

With the launch of the Mobile Ordering function, downloads for the app have also doubled. The app is now installed on over 135,000 devices.

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