#CTCeats: An Instagram Workshop Highlights

On Saturday, August 19, ClickTheCity had its first Food Photography workshop at the Backyard Kitchen + Brew in Circuit Makati. 

Entitled #CTCeats: An Instagram Workshop, this fun and food-filled event aims to teach foodies the basics of everything food photography. That is, from styling and shooting to sharing and curating these photos for their Instagram feeds to stand out from all the foodie feeds out there. 

See the workshop highlights here:

Attended by both the newbies and the pros of the art of the "Foodstagram", the workshop was lead by Cy Ynares (@TheBaldBakerPH) and Sherose Ontimare (@SheroseOntimare) - two of Manila's top Instagrammers who have made names for their beautifully (and deliciously!) curated feeds. 

#CTCeats Workshop

#CTCeats Workshop

Cy discussed to the group his tips on how they could level up their Instagram gaming. He talked about the essence of natural lighting, how to decide on which kinds of shot to use, and what tags they should use to make their posts more reachable by the food-loving public. 

#CTCeats Workshop


Sherose, on the other hand, focused on food styling and how to get every table #FlatlayReady. She shared her tricks on how to make sure that the flatlay is balanced and whether it's actually acceptable to stand on a chair for the perfect shot (Hint: It's okay if you're at home and not at a restaurant). 


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Right after the discussions, the participants are treated with some of Backyard Kitchen's best dishes in which they could practice everything they've learned. Sherose later on put everything on one table, doing what she does best. Everyone then gathered and began snapping for their IG-worthy flatlays. 

Here are just some of the snaps the participants took during the event: 


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Foodies, remember to use our official food hashtag #CTCeats for when you share your latest food finds on Instagram. Who knows, maybe you could find your next favorite restaurant by just scrolling through the thread, right? 


#CTCeats Workshop


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