INTERVIEW: Bela Padilla and Yassi Pressman on their ultimate style icon, artists they’re currently listening to and more!

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Just before summer ends, Greenwich threw a Hawaiian luau-inspired birthday bash for beach lovers and May birthday girls, Yassi Pressman and Bela Padilla. The event had breezy island vibes, sun-tastic activities and of course, boxes of their Hawaian Overload pizza. Before the event, we had the chance to talk to the birthday girls to talk about anything under the sun – from the most memorable gifts they've received to their chosen meal on Earth if it were their last day. Get to know Yassi and Bela more and read the complete interview below:

Question: If you could build your own pizza, what would the Bela and Yassi pizza be like?

Bela Padilla: Nutella! 

Yassi Pressman: So si Bela yung sweet, like what we used to have before in Greenwich. Ako siguro savory pizza with sausages and chorizo!

Bela Padilla: I want salty and sweet so prosciutto with honey!


Any dream travel destination?

Yassi Pressman: Yes, Palawan! I try to plan for years na and laging hindi natutuloy. I was thinking maybe this year! 

Bela Padilla: Ako, right now… maybe Greece! I've never been to Greece.

Yassi Pressman: Palawan, Hawaii and Maldives!

Yassi Pressman Bela Padilla Greenwich

If you could invite anyone, living or dead, to your birthday party who would it be?

Yassi Pressman: Beyoncé!

Bela Padilla: I've always been a fan of Princess Diana, even before the Royal Wedding. But since the Royal Wedding is so big right now, maybe I'll go for all the members of The Beatles. Kakantahan lang nila ako habang kumakain ako! *laughs*

Any memorable birthday gifts you've received?

Yassi Pressman: This necklace was given by my dad which is a part of his business when he was in Hong Kong. He kept some of the stones just for very special days of our lives so this is the first one that he's given me as a necklace – it's very sentimental.

Bela Padilla: Ako naman, I don't like accepting gifts, it's weird. I got gifted shoes one time but I returned it; I don't like expensive stuff. I was in Switzerland recently and my friends cooked for me, I think that was nice. 

Yassi Pressman Bela Padilla Greenwich Yassi Pressman Bela Padilla Greenwich

Any style icons you have?

Bela Padilla: Again, Princess Diana.

Yassi Pressman: I guess one of the most classy but still colorful kind of plain and sexy is J. Lo!

Bela Padilla: And Jennifer Aniston in the early 2000s. Nung kumalma na yung F.R.I.E.N.D.S!

Last five songs or artists you listened to on Spotify or Apple Music?

Yassi Pressman: Oh my gosh, pinakinggan ko si Shanti Dope, yung Nadarang! What else did I play today? Oh, I really like Zayn's Let Me. This morning I was just playing It's A Hit! on Spotify to just up the mood.

Bela Padilla: How Do You Do It by Gerry and the Pacemakers, Yuna, Arctic Monkeys, Honey Jars by Bryan John Appleby and Everybody's Changing by Keane!

Yassi Pressman Bela Padilla Greenwich

Any hidden talents your fans don't know about you?

Bela Padilla: None, no hidden talents! Pag nalaman ko, sasabihin ko agad. Parang wala…

Yassi Pressman: None also… I like sharing with my supporters. Aside from them seeing me on television, I like them seeing me on a personal level – the most simple things on my every day life, I like sharing that to them. At least nararamdaman nila na mas may honest na connection.

If you had to choose your final meal on Earth, what would you be eating?

Bela Padilla: Definitely a lot of cheese!

Yassi Pressman: Pepperoni! 

Bela Padilla: Why are we naming pizza toppings? *laughs* Literal cheese on the side and then pizza. I think I want a churro-flavored pizza and there's a dip. 

Yassi Pressman: What else? Hmmmm.

Bela Padilla: The spaghetti that they ate in Lady and the Tramp. That exact one! I want a cartoon spaghetti, not a real one. 

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