‘Okay Lang Maging Choosy’ and Three More Dirty Lessons About Dishwashing

It's time to learn four lessons that will prove useful whenever you're in-lababo so that you won't fall hard fast and put more hugot in your life.

Hugas pa more!

When it comes to coming clean and cleaning up your act, sometimes you just can't help but feel like throwing in the (kitchen) towel. You already have one hundred and one things to do every day, and washing the dishes shouldn't give you additional problems — but the dirty truth is, it could (and often does). It's time to learn four lessons that will prove useful whenever you're in-lababo so that you won't fall hard fast and put more hugot in your life.

1. Okay lang maging choosy.


Put quality over quantity–you know this truth, but sometimes you ignore it, don't you? Think of it this way: if you're shopping for nutritious food for your kid, are you going to be choosing anything mediocre or some random unknown brand, rather than a tried and tested one all your amigas (and even your mom) recommend? Always think big picture: in the long run, you can even compare this lesson with your love life — you won't want settle for anything less than you deserve, so why not go for the very best? The good ones are out there for a reason, and it would be a shame to let go of a good thing in your life for a cheap thrill.


2. Just like love, you can heat up your lababo life.



Too much grit and grease in your pots and pans don't have to mean extra elbow grease in your end! Your lababo life doesn't have to be excruciatingly long when you add some heat — hot boiling water can do wonders for extra tough food stains and burn marks on cookware. Before you put dishwashing liquid on those dirty pots and pans, let them soak in hot water with a little bit of baking soda for a while. Then finish off by cleaning it with warm and soapy water to make everything shiny and squeaky-clean again!


3. Tinimbang ka, ngunit kulang.


What’s the use of cheaper products if its usefulness is not enough? Even if two products may seem to look the same and even weigh the same, the output can be incredibly different. Solid example? Those "two for one" deals — you think you're getting more weight for a fraction of a price, then realize those two bottles of cheap dishwashing soap actually run out so fast in the sink since you need to pour more product to actually make your dishes clean. The result? You'll lose more than save. Sayang na sayang lang…


4. Collect and select.


In this case, we're not just talking about dating here — but this also is 10/10 about washing those dishes in the kitchen! Always have a game plan for your lababo life, because when you've prepared your cleaning space, things will be much better. Gather all soiled items and place them near the sink instead of having to go back and forth the kitchen and dining table so you can save time. Have an order on how you will wash the dirty dinnerware and cookware (from least soiled to the heavily-stained). Lastly, select all the items with the most food particles and scrape these off for garbage disposal before washing and rinsing them off (this saves you both cleaning time and water usage). Tamang diskarte lang when it comes to washing all the dishes!

Knowing all these lessons will make all your lababoventures much enjoyable in the future! No one needs to struggle hard in the kitchen sink, because life and love is already a battlefield that makes you one tough mama. Now that you're armed with all the lessons in lababo-life, it's going to be effortless to come clean and have that Joy you need in your everyday life!

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