PepSikat: All for the Love of…

Dance, dance, dance! Go wild for 15-seconds of fame.

Samba, salsa, tango, cha-cha, moonwalk, foxtrot, polka, jazz, ballet- it may come in different names but we all know it simply as dancing. Yes. Dance, dance, dance! We all love to do it. But aside from this, there’s still one thing that we love more even? Attention. As a videoke crazed, reality-show fixated country, we are a people who yearn for the elusive break that will launch our own 15-seconds of fame.

So what happened when Pepsi combined these two loves together? The answer is simple, The PepSikat Challenge. It may come as no surprise that this recently concluded promo was an instant success. Pepsi hit the public’s soft spot for dancing and their obsession with stardom as this 6-week contest was flocked by eager participants. Grooving to the song “More” by The Black Eyed Peas, Pepsi’s hottest new brand ambassadors, each contestant was given 15 seconds to go wild, and show off whatever moves they have. It’s a whole different ball game once you step into the Pepsikat booth. The moment the music starts, the entire space becomes your center stage, and all you can do is dance and magpasikat. So what if you have two-left feet? Who cares if you’re hopelessly out of sync? Here, you are your very own star.

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